How to start a web novel?

The opening chapter is like a stranger's first impression of you. It can't be narrowly said to be the key to the success or failure of a novel, but at least it is an important way to attract strangers to pay attention to you. I will divide it into four points to explain my point of view. From heavy to light, this technique may not apply to you, it is for reference only.

1. Persona.

Whether it's a female-to-medium-length romance novel or a passionate upgrade to a super-long novel, character design is the top priority. As you may have noticed, I didn't use the word character, but a persona. why? Because the supporting characters do not need to brush their presence at the beginning, you only need to write the protagonist solidly. Reading novels is a sense of substitution. If readers are eager for love, they will choose to read the story of love Xiaobai and the domineering president, because most people are love Xiaobai, don't watch readers often call a certain heroine an idiot sand sculpture or something. , But in fact, no one is higher than the other in real life, just unwilling to admit it. In the same way, readers are even less likely to fight gods and demons like warriors in real life, so they will naturally find fun in novels. In short, your protagonist must be ordinary but not really ordinary, and the three views must be positive. For example, the protagonist comes from a humble background, but has an extraordinary obsession, that is, the spirit of never giving up until he achieves his goals, such as kindness, optimism, stubbornness or even stubbornness, articulation, etc., and this spirit is enough to attract a person. All the supporting casts follow suit. Look at the magic pill Nezha that has been on fire recently. His typical duplicity makes you feel sorry for him. Also, it is best not to have more than three main characters at the beginning, and the names of the protagonists should not be too complicated or similar, otherwise it will bring confusion to the reader. Once readers are bored, they must slap their ass and leave.

2. Events

The event is to serve the appearance of the protagonist, don't put the cart before the horse. For example, the female lead is attending a dinner party, but she has no suitable clothes. The male lead happens to be a well-known fashion designer and is very picky about the female lead, so the two hook up. The negative teaching material is that you especially want to write a plot where you meet in court. The female protagonist still does not have suitable clothes, and the male protagonist is still a well-known fashion designer. Although they can still be linked because of a certain incident, their Will the meeting become unnatural and awkward? Will black question marks silently pop up over readers' heads? To sum up, events can be mediocre, and there is no need to be too entangled in novelty.

3. Location

Whether it is a real or a fantasy space, the location must be clear. Without further ado, describe the state of the city in terms of the lifestyle you want to present. Now you may ask, I understand reality, but how does fantasy space manifest itself? Whether you like it or not, humans can't create something they haven't seen. So as long as you can write it, someone can see the scene through the text, so this scene must not be chaotic, it must be logically arranged, and it must have a fixed sense of space. In the desert, readers will immediately feel unreliable.

4. Time

Time may seem less important, but it is essential. I have made this mistake before. It was obviously a flashback to start the chapter, but I forgot to mark a clear timeline, which caused readers to be confused. Clearly written in the opening paragraph, the reader will have a most intuitive concept. About the seasons, of course, it can be described in detail, and the seasons can also be combined with the mood of the protagonist. For example, her heart is like this bleak autumn wind...

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