Online novel writing skills, novel writing tutorial for ordinary people (1)

The prosperity of the Internet novel platform has allowed many people's novels to be spread, and some of them have gained a lot of money while getting a good income, which can be said to be both fame and fortune.

Today, let's talk about: online novel writing skills, novel writing tutorials suitable for ordinary people.

At the heart of web novels are plot, story and characters. Before writing a novel, we must determine a clear writing outline and the setting of the story background.

Determine the outline of the novel


1 Setting the background of the novel

What year does the novel take place in? Where? In what kind of environment? What are the values of mainstream society? And so on a series of environmental factors. These aspects will have a substantial impact on the overall tone of a novel.

2 Determine the timeline outline of the novel

Before writing a novel, you need to determine the framework of the timeline, that is, what time, where, what characters, and what happened. According to the chronological order of the development of the story, there must be a simple outline. This is a bit similar to a running account, but it is a main line of the whole novel, and it provides clear guidance for the subsequent novel writing.

for example,

On a certain day in a certain month, what happened to the protagonist and the supporting characters.

On a certain day in a certain month, what happened to the protagonist and the enemy.

By clarifying the logical structure of time, the novel has a strong sense of rhythm, interlocking and engaging.

3 The setting of the characters of the novel

Each character in the novel is different in character, hobby, values, identity, and status, and these differences also lead to different behavior patterns and ways of speaking and doing things among different characters. These characters that need to be considered in advance include: the main character, important supporting characters, enemies, mentors, etc. Different characters, to match his character settings. Write down all your character relationships on a piece of paper, and simply list the characteristics and personalities of each person, so that you can understand them at a glance when you write them later, and avoid inconsistencies. How to set the hero and heroine to make readers like it, and how to set the villain to make readers feel disgusted. These are all things that need to be summed up in the process of writing. The little villain must be cheap, making people angry and hated, so that the protagonist will have a reason to step on him. The big boss must die at the end.

4 Setting the theme and style of the novel

Different styles of novels will lead to different ways of description. Is it a light and interesting little white text? Or a serious and realistic drama? Or is it a little fresh that is biased towards literature and art? Is the tone of the article lighthearted? Or suspenseful?

There are many kinds of writing themes for novels: history, cities, online games, magic, fantasy, etc. The writing characteristics of different themes will be different. The theme and style of the novel should be determined during the outline, and different styles will attract different readers.

5 The setting of the novel's plot

What is the plot of the novel?

The relationship between characters, the process of how things happen, conflict, develop and resolve.

When setting, you need to think more about whether the plot is reasonable, twisty, and suspenseful, so that readers have the urge to continue reading.

6 The setting of the main line and branches of the novel

① The main line of the story

The main line of the novel is very important, the main line is clear, and the whole novel can be written smoothly.

② branch of the story

In order to make the plot more full, we usually add some auxiliary lines to make the whole novel more exciting. The branches of the story should also be developed around the main line.

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