Online novel writing skills, novel writing tutorial for ordinary people (2)

The prosperity of the Internet novel platform has allowed many people's novels to spread, and some of them have gained a lot of money and quickly became popular, which can be said to be both fame and fortune.

In the last issue about the writing skills of online novels, we have finished how to determine the outline of the novel. In this issue, we will talk about the writing skills and the core points of writing novels.

Some writing skills for web novels

1 The control skills of novel climax

The text does not like peace when looking at mountains, which means that writing novels should not be bland. Readers don’t like plots that are bland and watery. They like stories with climaxes, relaxations, and twists and turns. This requires us to have a small climax every two to three chapters when writing novels, so that readers have emotional fluctuations. Online novels are a kind of fast food culture. When readers read books from you, they want to obtain spiritual or spiritual refreshment from novels. There must be a few small climaxes in the first 3,000 words to keep readers, or else readers see your novels as plain as water, why should they continue reading?

2 Reasonable, unexpected, make good use of contrast

Whether it's the description or the plot setting, it should give people a refreshing feeling, don't always use some clichés and clichés, and avoid some old-fashioned and tacky plots, many readers are already tired of it. What you need is to continuously incorporate what readers like into your novel. That is to say, the novel you write should conform to the values, preferences, and pain points of most readers, but the plot should be twists and turns. You can create a sense of twists and turns in the plot through negative descriptions, contrasts, and comparisons.

Through the description of the previous article, the reader thinks that your plot is going in the direction A, but the result of the development of the matter is the opposite direction B, which refreshes the reader's cognition and gives people a refreshing feeling.

3 Bury the foreshadowing, shake the burden

The foreshadowing is like an invisible bomb, buried when the article is dull, and suddenly exploded when the important plot is behind it. If you want to attract readers to keep reading, you have to stimulate the readers' emotions and cause them to think, and small foreshadowings must continue to appear.

4 Learn to card climax and attract readers to follow

It is to leave suspense at the end of each chapter, or to write only half of what will happen, and leave half to the reader's imagination.

Writing half of it will make readers feel itchy, and the urge to keep reading and chasing the text.

5 Contradictions in the opening chapter are prominent and fascinating

The opening part of the novel is very important. It must highlight the contradictions and the language is concise to attract readers.

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Some core points of writing online novels

1 The name of the novel

The title of the novel affects whether readers will click in to read your novel. The name is chosen well, and the clicks and favorites will also increase.

You can refer to the names of novels with high click-through rates and high collections on some literary websites.

2 Introduction to the novel

Your profile is your chance to introduce yourself to readers, and it determines whether readers will click in to read your novel.

There must be bright spots in the introduction, and the biggest contradiction in the book, or the biggest pain point for the reader, is shown.

3 Outline of the article

The outline is the backbone of a novel, and with the backbone, you can better perfect the details.

4 Inspiration for the novel

The material of the novel can come from life, one's own stories, the stories of friends, what one has seen and heard around, as well as reading books, watching TV, and various news in life.

5 How to effectively improve the level of novel writing

Read more of the works of the Great God, analyze more, analyze why his novels attract you, and if it were you, how would you write it.

Analyze readers’ preferences through data. For example, if a certain chapter has a particularly high reading volume, you need to analyze why readers like such chapters.

6. Be logical and do your homework before writing a novel

To write a historical novel, you must first study the background of a certain period of history to be written.

To write a business novel, you must first study some basic rules and logic of business.

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