Are online novels literature?

Many people have discussed whether online novels are literature or not. Everyone has their own unique point of view, and today I will also share my own point of view.

Before throwing out your own views, let's take a look at the definitions of a few terms. I believe that after reading it, everyone will have their own judgment.

1. What is literature?

According to the definition, literature refers to the art that uses language as a tool to visually reflect objective reality and express the spiritual world of writers, including poetry, prose, novels, plays, fables and fairy tales, etc. It is an important form of cultural expression. It is called genre) to express inner emotions and reproduce social life in a certain period and region.

It can be seen that the types of literature include: poetry, prose, novels, plays, fables and fairy tales.

2. Definition of Internet Literature

Online literature: refers to the newly created literary works, quasi-literary texts, and online artworks containing some literary elements that use the Internet as a display platform and media, and are expressed by means of hypertext links and multimedia interpretation.

From this point of view, network literature is another manifestation of literary works.

3. What is a web novel?

Online novels are novels published by online writers relying on the basic network platform. It is a new type of novel that emerged with the rapid development of the Internet.

It can be seen that online novels are emerging novels, and novels belong to a part of literature. Online novels based on the Internet are also part of online literature. Therefore, online novels are not equal to online literature, but online novels must belong to literature. (This sentence is really confusing for someone like me who has failed math all the time. The logic should be correct.)


After reading the above definitions, I believe you already have a clear idea of whether or not online novels are literature.

Let's take a look at why some people think that web novels are not literature: mainly because of the writing.

A large part of the disapproval of online novels is due to the writing style. For example, a friend of mine often uses these reasons to say what the hell are online novels! Look at the web novels now: what are these! No cultural literacy. The above is my friend's reason. He also gave many examples for this.

It is undeniable that there are many such fantasy-themed works in online novels. Many writers who have entered the online literature world just work with the mentality of writing books and having fun, and have not thought about long-term roots in the literature world.

But this is only part of it. There are tens of millions of writers on the Internet, and only a few are famous. Even some neglected writers still contributed a lot of good works. The reason why online novels are criticized is that the use of words is too simple and straightforward, and it is easy to digest and understand.

Therefore, being ridiculed is also within the expectations of the writers, because when they create, everyone has a steel scale in their hearts. What he wants is to express his own views through literary works. This is the purpose. As for whether the works will be popular or not They may yearn for it but won't say it's going to be an instant hit.

Because, most of the people who do online writing do not make much money, but there are still many people who join the online writing industry every year. There are very few people who can persist in writing for ten years. Even if his writing is not good at the beginning, after ten years of tempering, he will eventually have a good writing style.

Similarly, no one can say that online novels are pseudo-literature.

Here's why it can't be stated like this:

1. What is the purpose of creating online novels?

The literary works we usually read aim to reflect reality in literary works, and ultimately give people a sense of alertness. After you read it you'll feel like you've been hit in the head, and you'll have a new understanding of the world.

The purpose of online novels is to express the author's fantasy and entertainment spirit. It is possible to make some money. If it is not possible, it can be used as a carrier to insist on writing hobbies.

Therefore, the two kinds of literature are different from the purpose of creation, and there is no meaning for comparison.

2. The content structure of online novels

For a real comparison, the difference between online novels and ordinary reading literary works lies in the content structure:

In terms of word count, a typical literary work is only 300,000 words long, and online novels can easily reach millions, or tens of millions if you are not careful. Literary works are more concise, language is concise, and online novels are lengthy.

In terms of plot, online novels are mostly used for rendering, and there are also many plot and bridge designs. Literary works may be that the plot of the protagonist is very calm, and things happen naturally without a thousand words, as if not doing that is impossible, and the plot design is more rigorous.

3. Are online novels as easy to write as you think?

Most people think that after reading so many fantasy upgrade novels, they feel that these writers are too incompetent and nutritious. As long as I dare to write this kind of book, I can sell it.

I have to say that you are crazy like this, but I have to say that you are still too young.

Take a fantasy work as an example, it contains a lot of knowledge. If you want to write a fantasy work, you must at least know the names and images of exotic flowers and herbs, Chinese herbal plants, the materials of medicinal herbs, combined magic, spells, incantations, setting of battle scenes, beasts, mythical beasts, legends , the magic of water, wood, fire, earth and wind elements, what kind of exercises people practice, accidentally have a system, what name do you want to equip, and what superpowers are there.

These are just the knowledge that you need to understand, and the difficulty is actually how to use these elements reasonably and how to build the outline. How to integrate ancient civilization and advanced civilization. Also make the article system stand up to scrutiny.

This is my opinion on whether online novels are considered literature or not. If you also like novels, you are welcome to come to Panda Novel for discussion.