How science fiction foresees the future

There are many science fiction writers whose novels can foresee the future. With the development of technology, at this stage, his vision has even been realized. But how do we achieve this foresight in our creative process?

My advice is, first, don't go after this kind of predictability. That said, you don't think of yourself as a prophet. Because, if you deliberately pursue this kind of predictability, it will reduce the readability of the novel and the logic of the work, which will be very troublesome. Moreover, the most important thing is that this kind of predictability can be met but not sought after. It does not mean that it can be realized in the future after your novel is written. In that case, it does not conform to normal logic. Therefore, Teacher Xilin tells everyone not to deliberately pursue this kind of predictability.

Second, we want to describe the development of future technology in the sci-fi fantasy world of novels. You only need to describe it according to your common sense, and you must be a prophet in a targeted manner.


The third point is that we still have to write about the theme of combining the future of mankind with technology, because science and technology are the heart of science fiction. develop.

The last point is that in the process of writing, especially in the creation of science fiction, we must constantly pursue the exploration of future technology. This exploration is not based on your ideological system or the creative materials you have collected, or your understanding of science fiction To carry out, but to combine one's own pursuit and accumulation of knowledge, to use literary techniques to express a kind of foresight of the future. This kind of foresight, to emphasize again, is not to be a prophet, but to be a prophet. You follow the requirements of the novel to describe a practice of the future. I hope you all pay attention to this. In particular, our contracted writers should not deliberately pursue foresight of the future when creating, but must have a certain understanding of the development of science and technology.

In this way, in the process of literary creation, you can naturally create and invent some products of future technology.

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