Top 3 Reasons Web Novels Are Not Considered "Literature"!

After years of development, online novels have blossomed and flourished. Today, it has gradually become a way of daily entertainment for many people, and it is also the most accepted way of reading by contemporary young people. Moreover, the economic benefits brought by online novels are even more enormous. From physical books to movies, animations, TV series, video games, etc., a huge industrial chain has been formed.

However, under the glamorous appearance of online novels, there are also a lot of infamy. Words such as "pseudo-literature", "spiritual poisoning", "literary fast food", etc., all degrade online novels. Today, here I am summarizing three reasons why web novels are not considered "literature".


1. Utility

Authors of online novels basically aim to make money, cater to and please readers, so 99% of online novels are cool articles. No matter how wonderful the book is, how the ups and downs are, and how wonderfully written flowers are imaginative. It is inseparable from the characteristic of catering to readers.

As a result, online novels lose their literary character and have a strong instrumental character, which is difficult to be recognized by the literary world. But the editor believes that literature should not be unattainable. If an excellent author is barely able to get enough food and clothing, how can he better pursue spiritual sublimation? Spiritual food is not real food after all. But to cater to readers too much, it really makes a novel lose its spiritual theme, so the online novels on the market are all "fast food culture".

2. Content

Online novels are slightly different from general novels. Its relatively loose style makes it possible to cover a wide range of content, such as Xianxia, fantasy, and online games. The inclusiveness of online novels makes its content ever-changing, including almost all the content that is not owned by normal novels.

And because of the profit model such as the number of words, and the characteristics of daily change. This makes the threshold for online novels extremely low, resulting in a lengthy plot of the novel, a large part of the content is illogical, and what is even more self-contradictory. There are many saliva words in the number of water words, and the whole branch is spreading.

However, after years of development, readers have higher and higher requirements for the content of online novels, and there is no market for novels like running accounts. The overall atmosphere has gradually improved, moving towards high-quality novels, taking into account the plot and writing.

3. Definition

What is the nature of literature? To borrow a sentence from the encyclopedia, "literature is the art of reflecting the objective reality and expressing the spiritual world of writers in a more figurative way."

A true literary work must not be created by pure imagination. Online novels are very self-created and can be created without relying on any existing scientific, civilized and humanistic systems. But this also leads to the lack of connotation of online novels. When the power is limited, it is basically impossible for a person to truly create a world from scratch.

Therefore, the worldview of most online novels is actually very fixed. Basically, it is the simplest rule of "the strong eat the weak". Because the weak eats the strong, it can be unreasonable, which greatly reduces the literary quality of online novels.

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