Several types of novels that are currently popular

1: Science Fiction


Most of the sci-fi novels on the Internet are soft sci-fi, and there is no too professional knowledge of physics, but some sci-fi elements are added to it.

For example, the background of the future, the background of the end times, and so on.

The nature of science fiction novels on the Internet is actually an extension of fantasy. It does not require the author to have an extremely solid foundation in science and technology, but only transforms the background, telling the story of the characters in the background of the future, the end of the day, and the great interstellar era. .

Science fiction novels can be roughly divided into mecha flow, doomsday flow, etc. In mecha flow, it is a very common practice to combine traditional martial arts with future mechas.

2: Supernatural novels


Although spiritual novels are relatively niche, their readers are highly loyal. There are many professions such as Taoist priests and exorcists, combined with traditional ghost stories, and most of them take place in modern cities, which can be regarded as a variant of modern cities.

In the PC-based web era, the supernatural is really not easy to be confused, but now mobile reading has become popular, and the supernatural has gradually become hot. Some early supernatural works have been adapted into film and television dramas in recent years, such as " Tomb Robber Notes, "Ghost Blowing Lantern", and "Forensic Medicine Qin Ming", "Wuxin Master" and so on, are closer in time.

As for the future of Lingyiwen, my answer is yes. Think about the fact that different categories satisfy people's different desires. They want to see fantasy with passion, want to be cool, want to see the city in ambiguous, want to see romance, want to stimulate, see horror, suspense, and even spirituality. Why is there no market for supernatural beings?

Web texts are always constantly evolving and changing. For newcomers, it’s not necessary to drill into hot topics. Now the fantasy city is very hot, but it is undoubtedly more competitive for newcomers. It is better to focus on this kind of bias. If you study a niche subject matter a lot, you may get good results.

3: Competitive novels


The protagonists of competitive novels are mostly professional athletes, including popular and popular sports such as track and field, football, and basketball.

In fact, this is also an expectation, the more there is no, the more expectation it is.

Just like football and basketball are popular in competitive novels, few people really write table tennis, because in reality, table tennis in our country is already hell-level difficulty.

This kind of novel also belongs to the minority, and there are also a group of loyal fans chasing after it.

Therefore, if the novice author is familiar with these popular sports, you may wish to try it. Although it is not as good as other types in subscription and IP development, it can help you cross the threshold of online writing more easily.

The most famous works in the competitive essays are Lin Hai Tingtao's works, such as "The Light of Champions", "We Are the Champions", and "The Godfather of Champions".