How to write a novel to create a cool point, three steps

Many friends often ask how to make cool points, how to make them, have read too many novels, but still don't know how to make cool points.

So today we are going to talk about how to make cool points.

First, you must know that creating cool points is to create conflicts. When you have this concept, you will start to hate, hate what, hate him for being so handsome, but you are so ugly, hate him for having hair. No hair, hate that he has such a beautiful wife, but you are still single, hate that he has a wife of 1.5 meters, and no one will like you when you are 1.8 meters. Do you want to cry, do you feel very aggrieved, oh, by the way, this is the conflict between the waste material of the protagonist and others in the early stage, and it is said in the novel that there is no such thing as a sword breaking the sky and riding a horse. Just dreaming.


Second, then you have to start enjoying yourself. Immediately, someone jumped out and said, "Teacher, you are wrong. Didn't you say that you can't enjoy yourself when writing novels." Wrong, self-indulgence is self-intoxication and can’t see reality, self-satisfaction is self-comfort, self-consolation, you don’t have money, do you want to have money, you don’t have a girlfriend, do you want to have a girlfriend, in reality you can’t have polygamy, you are in a novel Can't we find more wives in China? Someone doesn't like to watch the harem. You let him go. I control the field in my home court. That may make dishes that everyone likes. What you lack in reality, you write it to the protagonist, and let the protagonist fulfill your wish, you must have the kind of heart to seek comfort like most people, you haven't eaten meat for a few days, I want to eat meat, I If you want endless money, I want beautiful women to fall in love with me, I want school flowers to fall in love with me, go, let the protagonist realize your dream.

Third, cool, how can you be cool? You haven't eaten meat for a few days. You can eat it when you pick it up. The third point of ours is to let others be cool with you. To be slow, to drop the knife slowly, to put it bluntly, it is to set the atmosphere, what kind of knife is raised, a two-meter large knife, what is the purpose of raising the knife, cut people's heads, what are the thoughts of the people around, I saw the knife fall, Everyone was shocked. A murderous knife had already cut off thousands of heads. This time, Zhang San's head was cut off again to enhance the atmosphere. , pick up the meat, don't rush to eat, smell it first, lick it, then take a small bite, make a moaning sound, and then take a big mouthful, bite the sound, let the people around you hear it, close it He felt the taste of the meat with his eyes, then opened his eyes contentedly and shouted: "It's delicious!" "I've never eaten such good meat, so fragrant, so delicious", "It's like the feeling of first love. ". Just ask you, do you feel good about writing like this?

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