Why do many people feel tired when reading but not when reading novels?

Novels all have plots and suspense, which can stimulate the curiosity of readers, and it is easy for people to feel excited. Often after a story is told, the author lays down foreshadowing at the end, leaving suspense and making people unable to stop, so reading novels will make people feel excited and not tired.

Reading ordinary books, especially exam books or textbooks, is completely different. Textbooks do not have vivid and touching storylines, and logical and rational discussions are boring and seem very laborious. The novel is for entertainment, the language is lively and interesting, easy to understand, easy to read and easy to understand.

In addition to reading textbooks, there is also the pressure of exams. It is necessary to memorize and understand thoroughly. This is not just a problem of reading books with eyes. It has extended from eye movements to thinking and memory movements of the brain. Thinking And memory is exactly the most mind-blowing thing.

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For exam reading, the oxygen consumption of this kind of mental work is often much larger than that of physical work, so it is very tiring. If reading novels is not for research and writing, it should not be considered as mental work, and it is relatively relaxed.

But having said that, with the development of the times, the advancement of science and technology, the popularization of smartphones, online video and online live broadcast,

There is also the emergence of audiobooks. People have gradually changed from reading novels to watching videos, listening to news and listening to stories.

Reading novels has become a luxury for many young people.

With the acceleration of social rhythm and the explosion of diverse information, people's cultural entertainment has also become fast food.

Fast food culture has become a trend in today's society, making it easy for people to change from reading text to watching videos, otherwise there will be no big sales.

In the future, reading novels is likely to be like reading textbooks and textbooks, which will make mobile phone controllers feel tiring.