See how the heroine in the novel grabs a man's heart

See how the heroine in the novel grabs a man's heart

Modern men and women seem to be very precocious emotionally, but they often cannot stand the test of time. There are very few couples who can really go to the end. In many romance novels, we can see that the female protagonist deeply grasps the male protagonist. Heart, maybe not perfect at the beginning, the process is a little hard, but the ending is often beautiful. After reading so many novels of time travel and rebirth, I made the following summary, hoping to be of some use to women in confusion.

First of all, the heroine is very rational. They always have an accurate positioning of themselves. They often go not for love, but to support each other and live, so the requirements for the male protagonist in terms of love are not very high, so when the male protagonist contributes and can consider the female protagonist, the female protagonist Often will be grateful, and reciprocate. And the result is that the male protagonist is dead set on the female protagonist. So in real life, can we not have such high demands on men? When love has passed away, is it possible to switch roles at the right time and become an ally, or a companion in life? Maybe when we don't pay so much attention to men, they will have a kind of loss instead?

Secondly, the heroine must have a skill, or embroidery, or cooking, or planting flowers. In short, to be able to do the same skills, can be praised. In this kind of praise, the male protagonist is often satisfied with his vanity. So women in modern society should be more economically independent, or even strong in some aspects, which should not be underestimated.


Again, the heroine is very independent. This does not necessarily refer to life, but to spirituality. I have skills in life, and spiritually, I have my own sustenance. My life is not about waiting for a man to come home every day, not calling and contacting men on WeChat every day, but I have my own spiritual sustenance in a certain field. , or books, or art, or business, to name a few. For example, you can also write Baidu experience like me.

The important point is that female protagonists can often have a prosperous husband, in fact, they can help the male protagonist, or make the male protagonist's backyard calm, or take on the heavy responsibility of the family when the male protagonist is not at home, educate the children well, and be friendly. Good neighbors, good relationships.

Then, the heroine also has her own principles. When some actions or words of the male protagonist touch the bottom line of the female protagonist, the female protagonist will often choose to leave after the struggle is invalid, in such a difficult choice and hard process. The female protagonist often reaps another happy love or makes the male protagonist come back because of persistence.

Finally, beauty. In fact, this is the first impression and the least long-lasting, so women who die on the basis of their beauty are often not given a good death. Therefore, the important thing is to be in harmony with each other and to be considerate. What matters to a woman is not your beauty, but your tenderness.

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