Why can online novels set off a frenzy for readers to read online? Do you understand its daydreaming properties?

The reason why online literature has set off a frenzy for readers to read online is because it has the following characteristics:

First, convenience, readers can read books directly by turning on the computer or mobile phone without going out to buy books, which is very convenient;

Second, optionality, readers can choose their favorite books to read from a large number of books on the Internet according to their own interests and hobbies, and there is a lot of optional space.

Third, autonomy. Readers can add their own imagination according to their own understanding of the plot of the characters, and substitute them into the situation of the work. If they don’t like reading this book in the middle of reading, they can switch and abandon reading at any time, which is very autonomous.


Fourth, interactivity. Readers can interact with the author anytime and anywhere on the Internet, encourage the author or comment on the work. If you are not satisfied with the work, you can suggest the author to rewrite it. The author can also call on readers to read and collect more, so that both parties can communicate and interact.

The above is the convenience brought by the Internet age to authors and readers, allowing them to carry out spiritual exchange activities in different time and space. The more spiritual harvest that online literature brings to readers is to let them fully immerse themselves in their daydreams, and together with the characters in the author's pen, create a more powerful, brave and omnipotent self, full of wisdom or handsome. Golden, or beautiful and charming... all kinds of perfect qualities gather together, let them realize their dreams in the world of the Internet, rebuild the world according to their own ideals, and give spiritual comfort to the real self.

The main function of online novels is to create a sense of refreshment for readers. Why do people feel refreshed? That's because desires that cannot be fulfilled in reality are fulfilled by reading novels. In life, maybe we are not tall and beautiful, and even have freckles on our faces and small eyes, but in the novels on the Internet, these shortcomings can disappear, the short can become tall, and the ugly can be Become beautiful, those who have no money can also become wealthy, and those who have no power can also hold real power. Both authors and readers can realize their daydreams in the world of online novels, and make things that they can't do in reality become promising.

In fact, both online novels and traditional novels can create daydreams for readers. But the difference between them is that online novels are naked catharsis. They make no secret of their yearning and pursuit of money, power, and beauty, abandoning the so-called lofty ideals, agreeing with the law of the jungle, and believing that no matter when, only Individual strength is the foundation of life. Its narrative is full of magical imagination, which seems unrealistic, but is a true reflection of reality. The world of online novels is even more cruel and extreme. It loses the mask of decoration, and the writing is full of power, which makes the readers' blood run wild and their emotions are excited. Traditional novels are much more refined, and most of them endow the characters with noble and divine sustenance, and these characters who are too morally perfect hardly exist in the world of online novels.

Therefore, the daydreams created in online novels are what the majority of netizens need. They feel that the real world is cruel. In the world of online novels, it is easier for them to realize their dreams and have more pleasant experiences. Maybe the online world is too illusory and the world created by the author is too ethereal, but this is the spiritual comfort that the general public needs. It is because they are too mediocre and frustrated in real life as a small person, they are eager to be in the dreamland and become the protagonist with their heads held high.

Authors only need to fulfill their wishes on behalf of readers, let them reach the top of the mythical world from a low position, and fight for success to win the favor of readers. Only when readers love to read, can online literary works have room for survival. Of course, the majority of authors cannot blindly adopt vulgar tastes, and should guide readers appropriately. How to strike a balance between catering to readers and positive guidance is exactly the direction in which online literature continues to move forward.

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