Is it useful to read novels? Why do some people like to read novels?

As a form of literary genre, since the novel can survive to this day, it can be seen that it must have its own unique value. Furthermore, philosophy has "existence is reasonable!" As long as time is the only criterion for testing truth, novels have also proved the value of its existence, so there is no doubt that reading novels is useful.

There is a difference between reading and seeing. No matter what book you read, if the book is a story, then you have read a story. Maybe some people can't even remember the story after reading it. Looking at it this way, it is at best a kind of "fast food" enjoyment, and it is not even useful, it is purely entertainment. Reading is not the case. Reading a novel requires you to understand the story, and the characters and plots in it require you to ponder and experience, so as to achieve a certain spiritual or practical sublimation. This is not a question of the subject matter or some kind of novel, but a question of "seeing" and "reading".

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When you learn to think about reading instead of looking around, you will find that "read ten thousand volumes of books, travel ten thousand miles!" is true. If you read enough books, your thinking will be broader, and your writing will be logical. Because in the process of reading, the famous aphorisms, words and sentences from countless books have been imprinted in your mind. The moment you pick up the pen, you will find them spewing out like a spring, all you need to do is to keep practicing, and finally you can use them as you like.

The books of fiction are so rich and numerous that we can only read one or two of them in our lifetime. How to continuously extract the nutrients we need from it? Focus is a must. In the past, you read a lot of different types, but gradually the scope will be narrowed. Because slowly you will know what you need and what you like. This is an inevitable result, that is, a process from people looking for books to books looking for people.

The most unique charm of the novel is that your sky can be infinitely open, and your thoughts can gallop at will. But this does not mean that novels are only for entertainment. When you've read enough novels, it makes sense to take the best of the novel and get rid of the dross.

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