Several unpopular novel types

Online Novels


Online game novels are roughly divided into two types, online games and e-sports games.

Online games are traditional. Games similar to ARPG are divided into two categories: PVE (player-to-player) and PVP (player-to-player). Like the previous "Start from Zero", "The Raptor Crossing the River", "Online Games-Dragon Slayer", and "Full-time Master" belong to this category.

Competitive games are mostly MMOBA games (meaning multiplayer online competitive games) such as "Glory of the King" and "League of Legends", with competition as the main game.

Online game novels can also be regarded as a variant of fantasy, but there are various restrictions, and the items and equipment in them are digitized.

Online game novels are not a big hit, nor can they be regarded as a big cold. Authors who like to play games can choose to start.

Military fiction


The requirements of military novels are relatively high, and they are also a niche type, requiring the author himself to have a certain understanding of military knowledge.

Military novels can take place in modern times or historical periods, depending on the author's own arrangements.

Military novels are also a big hit for IP adaptations.

Nowadays, "Wolf Warriors 2", whose screenwriter Dong Qun, is the famous god in cyber military novels, the dancing demon girl.

Two-dimensional novel


Two-dimensional novels is a brand new category currently featured in the starting point, including doujin, light novels and so on.

This type of novels tends to be otaku, so authors who like animation and fantasy can try it.

The two-dimensional culture mainly comes from Japan. The two-dimensional novel is also referred to as light novel in Japan. After being introduced into the country, it has brought Chinese characteristics, so this type of novel is called "national light". Generally speaking, two-dimensional novels are relatively pure and passionate in style and unique in content. They are full of two-dimensional attributes such as fantasy, cuteness, arrogance, personification, motherhood, and materialization. The language is brisk and interesting. , The favorite of the post-00 reader community.

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