Several endings of the novel

1. The ending of the novel is unexpected. Role: Sudden waves, shocking; according to the previous article, not abrupt

2. The ending of the novel is a sad tragedy. Role: to deepen the theme; to better shape the character's character; it is memorable.

3. The ending of the novel is a happy reunion. Function: intriguing; giving people a sense of joy and comfort; reflecting good wishes

4. The ending of the novel comes to an abrupt end, leaving a blank space. Function: leaving a blank space for the reader to imagine and allow the reader to recreate the art.


The effect of ending

(1) In terms of performance techniques, it is in contrast with the previous article, sublimating the theme, and thought-provoking.

(2) In terms of the main theme, deepen the main theme, implicitly point out the main theme, and reveal the theme of the novel.

(3) Character image shaping, showing the character's psychology, character, quality, experience, destiny, ability, and achievements.

(4) In the plot of the story, the ending of the novel corresponds to the title and beginning, making the novel compact, clear and reasonable.


Features of the novel

1. Value

The essence of the value of a novel is based on time series, with a certain character or several characters as the main line, and it reflects the production of the value relations (political relations, economic relations and cultural relations) of various roles in social life in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. , Development and death process. It demonstrates the interaction of various value relationships in a very detailed and comprehensive manner.

2. Capacity

Compared with other literary styles, the capacity of the novel is larger, it can show the character and the fate of the character in detail, can show the intricate contradictions and conflicts, and can also describe the social life environment in which the character is located. The advantage is that it can provide an overall and broad social life.

3. Plot

The novel mainly uses the storyline to show the character and the center of expression. The story comes from life, but through sorting, refining and arrangement, it is more concentrated, more complete, and more representative than real examples that occur in real life.

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