Several categories of fantasy novels

What is a fantasy novel? Almost everyone can give different answers. Although there is no way of writing, as early as 1988, the term "fantasy novel" first appeared and was defined: a combination of metaphysics, science, and literature. Brand new variety. From Huang Yi's "Moon Demon". However, even if I believe that most people did not grow up reading this novel, including me, my understanding of fantasy must be different, but in terms of the fundamentals, or the direction in which the entire fantasy needs to develop, I still agree and learn from it. This concept gives its own definition: a fantasy novel that integrates metaphysics, science, philosophy, and literature into a multi-element development. And if it is said that modern fantasy novels will show what content, cultivation, monster killing and map changing are definitely the core content. Therefore, if you have these three elements in a broad sense, I think they can all be called fantasy novels.

Here I take the platform as an example to talk about my understanding of all kinds of fantasy novels. The big category of fantasy here is divided into: Eastern fantasy, different world continent, dynasty contending for hegemony and Gaowu world.

1. Oriental fantasy

This type should be more traditional fantasy, mostly based on metaphysics, based on ancient myths and legends. Metaphysics comes from Taoism, ancient thinking based on Laozi, Zhuangzi, and Zhouyi, even borrowing some concepts from Fengshui; ancient myths and legends mainly integrate and develop Chinese mythological elements, such as Pangu Kaitian and Nu Wa made people and so on.

At this point, Chendong's novels such as "The Tomb of God" and "Yangshen" of Dreaming into God's Machine are all pioneers, not fully accepted, and have their own understanding.

But now there are more elements that can be added, and even many readers don’t like complicated settings. Therefore, if you want to go back to the original process of looking at the fantasy to see the level of cultivation, it will take a long time to think about it, and it will take three days to fight a monster. The realm is not realistic anymore. And it is precisely because of the foreshadowing of these books that readers have acquiesced to a large system of fantasy, so many fantasy novels can use this shell to change their tricks to write other content. There is no traditional oriental fantasy that you have read as the foreshadowing. Some laughter and stubbornness may not be able to keep up.

Generally speaking, the oriental fantasy is basically based on oriental elements, or the background culture is in line with the oriental habits.


2. Another World

This type pays more attention to the different world and separates from the "Eastern", and some even have a "Western background."

But the obvious difference from Eastern fantasy is that it is basically not based on Eastern mythology. It may be a mixture of many other realistic mythological elements, or create mythology. "Crossing" is almost inevitable, and of course there are some "local" novels. Here I can't remember time anymore.

It is undeniable that San Shao's "Douluo Dalu" has pushed this genre to the top.


3. The dynasty struggle for hegemony

I'm ashamed that I haven't heard much about this type before, but I saw Lao Zhu's "Zichuan". Therefore, the additional elements are like the name of this type, mainly based on the setting of "Cultivation Country". If the first two types are more personally prestigious, then this type may be a little bit more important for family and country.


4. Gaowu World

A type that has never been heard before. Here is a brief talk about what Gao Wu handles are. I think it is based on the previous concepts of high magic and low magic.

Low magic means low magic penetration rate, which is more fragmented with ordinary humans; high magic is the opposite.

Therefore, this type can be regarded as the type of cultivation for the whole people. It can be related to reality or not, it can be Eastern or Western...

In general, the so-called type is the market segmentation and the precise positioning of readers' preferences. What type does Mengxin care about? Anything is good when you first read online articles. But as the quantity increases, some ideas become more and the taste becomes spoiled. So how to choose-a classification is also very important.


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