What are the abilities of the protagonist in fantasy novels? Many readers know the last skill

In the field of online novels, fantasy novels have the most readers and belong to the masses, and some excellent works are most likely to appear. In the fantasy novels that I have read, the essay pen belongs to the wild trilogy series of wild foxes under the tree, and the grand scene is Chen Dong's "Zhetian" and the master's "Mercenary World", on the portrayal of supporting characters. It should be the tricky "Joy of Life" and the "Fighting Swordsman in the Snow" by the beacon opera lords. These can be introduced in a separate article for the time being. Today, take a look at what abilities the protagonist has in fantasy novels.


First of all, let’s talk about the protagonist Han Li of "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality". The plot of this novel now seems to be nothing bright. It is nothing more than upgrading the monsters and changing the map, and the protagonist is also very weak in emotional terms, whether it is family affection. Friendship and love are a mess. The reason for the weak family relationship is to cultivate the Tao and cut off the mundane. The reason for the indifferent friendship is that there are calculations everywhere. The reason for the weak love is that the heroine can't keep up with the protagonist's progress, so there are few scenes, and there are not as many scenes as the protagonist. The biggest highlight of the novel is the portrayal of the protagonist. When other protagonists are unable to fight but also pretend to be forced, Han Li’s creed is "no advantage, resolutely do not fight", "don't fight if you can't fight, just run." The protagonist's greatest ability is to "run the road", I feel that Han Li can run away from parkour when he escapes!


Let's talk about another ability of the protagonist, "immortality". Some people say this is not nonsense, what else would the protagonist write when he died? Of course, this is not the key. The key is that some protagonists go around to provoke others, and all supporting actors look at the male protagonist. This kind of survival really has to be said to be a miracle. And some of the protagonists in the novel really have the "immortality" skill, such as "Wuxin Mage", the protagonist has no heart, no soul, neither old nor dead. But I am afraid of pain and cannot give birth. Damage to the body will heal on its own. When it recovers, the wound will grow white, and the blood will make all poisonous things fear. Of course not being old or dead is not perfect. The protagonist will fall asleep every once in a while, and will forget the past when he wakes up, which is equivalent to reinstalling the computer system.


Finally, let me talk about a skill that many authors have written in a fantasy novel: swallow. The biggest feature of this skill is brutality and fastness. The protagonist who possesses this skill can cultivate to the realm of cattle breaking at the fastest speed. The most typical one is "Eternal Life", which is dreaming of the magical machine. The evaluation of book friends is to create the "cannibalism" genre, and the biggest feature of this genre is: swallowing the soul, the soul, and absorbing the opponent's mana, magical powers, and even Plunder the opponent's memory. This is much more than a star-absorbing Dafa bull-breaking, the protagonist is a pure human-shaped black hole, it is really against the sky!

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