Against the Gods:Count all the harem heroines in the novel

Against the Gods It is a typical cool literary fantasy novel, but because Mars’ emotional writing is very delicate, it is very popular among many boys and girls. And the numerous harems are a major feature of this novel, and each heroine is very unique. Then while the evil god is about to finish the book, the idler will take everyone to take an inventory of all the women in the book. Lord, see if there is anything you don’t remember.

1. Xia Qingyue

At the beginning of the novel, he was engaged to Yun Che, and his feelings for Yun Che were getting better and better. With the development of the plot, the character Qingyue has become more and more confusing. Exploding the Blue Pole Star and killing Yun Che, what kind of difficulties are behind this? Why would you rather be killed by Yun Che than say it, and wait for the old Martian thief to fill the hole?

2. Little Aunt Xiao Lingxi

Although she was a little aunt, she was about the same age, and it was later confirmed that she was not biological, so she was not related by blood. And they grew up together, and their relationship has been sublimated beyond family affection. Both of them know it, but they have not yet reached that point. And little aunt has important secrets in her body, possibly until the final boss.

3. Jasmine

The heroine with the most scenes in the whole novel is the goddess who was seriously injured and encountered the protagonist of the Sky Poison Pearl. The teacher of Yun Che's Profound Dao, preaching the way of Yun Che's evil god, Yun Che had experienced everything in the early stage with Jasmine, and the two had been together for the longest time. Later, because of Yun Che’s persistence, she went to the Star God Realm alone to save her fate. The two finally expressed their love, but after all, the Devil Infant was intolerated by the God Realm, and Jasmine’s life or death is unknown.


4. Cang Yue: Lan Xueruo

The only little princess of the Blue Wind Empire, the empress of the latter empires, changed from a piece of white paper to the empress who protects the entire country. Cang Yue can be said to be the most difficult female lord. The idler went back and took a look. Cang Yue took Yun Che out of the small place, but Yun Che, the scumbag, flirted with her every day when Cang Yue was still a blank piece of paper.

5. Little fairy, Chu Yuechan

The female protagonist who was very impressed in the early stage was protected by Yun Che when she lost her skill, and later fell in love with Yun Che, and both cultivated with Yun Che in the Canglong Secret Realm. Later, he was found out by his master and expelled. He was hidden in the Phoenix Secret Realm all his life, leaving Yun Che's only daughter.

6. Feng Xue'er

The phoenix goddess, who doesn't ask about world affairs, is still a girl's heart, and she doesn't know anything, she was dropped from the sky by Yun Che, because Yun Che's exercises echoed her and immediately developed a good impression, and she fell in love with Yun Che directly. (Yun Che's child, the more he thinks, the more angry) Her martial arts talent in the early stage is still excellent, and later it seems to use Phoenix Yuanyin to help the protagonist upgrade.

7. Su Linger

The love between two lives with Yun Che, the death of the first life for Yun Che, is Yun Che's eternal pain. Later, they met on another continent and slowly recovered the memories of the previous life. Idlers think there is a foreshadowing behind this character.

8. The Little Demon Empress

Blue Pole Star, a boss-level character, the only ruler of the Illusory Demon Continent. Another fairy, qaq, who was molested by Yun Che, was forced to do double cultivation with the male lead because of the Golden Crow Secret Realm. For several months, the real animal was inferior.

9. Feng Xian'er,

The clansmen of the Phoenix Secret Realm were born again after Yun Che died in the God Realm to take care of his little girl. Yun Che later apologized to her because of his incompetence. After finally regaining his strength, he also accepted her.


10. Mu Xuanyin

Yun Che's first sect in the God Realm, the inheritor of the Ice Phoenix, had a part of his soul controlled by the Queen, which caused his temperament to change easily, so he had inexplicably doubled up with Yun Che to increase his skill. The Master also paid too much for Yun Che, and even died for Yun Che to escape. Finally, he was resurrected by the last strength of the Ice Phoenix. (I love Da Yinyin)

11. Shui Meiyin

Unsullied Divine Soul, one of the most powerful physiques, can predict danger. I fell in love with Yun Che the first time I saw Yun Che, and pestered him to be a husband. It might be because of Yun Che's inheritance that Shui Meiyin liked it very much. Later, Shui Meiyin became Yun Che and announced the savior to the world. He also showed him the undestructed Blue Pole Star, currently working with Yun Che in the Eternal Sky Pearl.

12. Caizhi

Jasmine's younger sister, the heir of Sirius, was arranged by Jasmine to force her to be engaged to the male protagonist. After Jasmine died, the Star God Realm was destroyed, and her brother had died early, leaving Caizhi only Yun Che as a family member, which was arguably the worst harem.

13. He Ling

The last princess of the Wood Spirit royal family was arranged by Shen Xi to give it to Yun Che in order to avenge her tribe. Finally, for Yun Che, he became the spirit of the Sky Poison Pearl. And what Yun Che did with Ying'er after the blackening, He Ling also watched every day. In the end, Yun Che, the beast, took He Ling into the capital. . . . But finally avenged the people in the Southern Divine Region.


The Queen of Dragon Goddess is the most beautiful two people in the God Realm. Although named Dragon Queen, Dragon Emperor is actually just her licking dog. She is noble, and only Yun Che, who has the inheritance of the blue dragon, can be worthy of it, so she put Yun Che on it. . . . . I was pregnant with Yun Che's child, and I don't know where it is at the moment. I guess I can see each other soon.


15. Chiba Shadow

Brahma goddess, one of the two most beautiful in the gods. The biggest villain in the early plot, Xia Qingyue, and Jasmine's affairs are all related to her. In the end, he was killed by his father. For revenge, to unite with Yun Che who was also abandoned by the world. Became Yun Che's slave and fell in love with Yun Che, gaining stronger strength. At present, he is desperately trying to protect Yun Che in the Eternal Sky Pearl, and he is in danger. (If Mars dared to write dead shadows, he could have nothing)

There are also uncertain Mu Bingyun, Xiaojianjun, etc., which are not clearly included in the harem in the article. But they were all molested by Yun Che. Is there anything else I missed? Welcome everyone to add

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