These ten classic online novels represent the highest realm of online literature, and no one refuses to accept it.

It has been nearly 20 years since the development of online novels, and there are probably millions of works born during this period.

Many online writers have also emerged from these works, such as popular writers on the street, as well as writers from great gods, such as the three young masters of the Tang Jia San Shao, and Heavenly Silkworm Potato, who are the pinnacles of wealthy individuals with an annual income of more than 100 million.

Today, Panda Novels will sort out ten books that claim to represent the highest state of online novels. For readers who like online novels, some of these ten books must have been read by themselves.

1. Battle Through the Heavens

This book became a legendary masterpiece as soon as it came out, probably the most unforgettable. That period of youth, thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, don't bully young people to be poor, completely ignited that era and opened up a world view of waste material flow. The resulting dissemination and popularity are just like describing the current iPhone as an arcade machine. At the time, Dou Breaking the Sky could also be called a national reading.

2. Tomb of God

The tomb of the gods is Chendong's work of the gods, and it inherits the book of immortality and immortality. The whole book's worldview is magnificent and orderly in chaos. That kind of enthusiasm, those powerful people who are powerful in the world will fight for the world and the common people.

3. Douluo Dalu

This online novel through the fantasy genre can be regarded as one of the most influential and representative novels of the Three Young Masters of the Tang Family. This novel, the Third Young Master of the Tang Family, has continued the trilogy and maintained its popularity, which is enough to prove the Douluo Mainland. of

Wonderful. Among them, the comic series of Douluo Dalu is invincible in the entire online literature circle.

The novel tells the story of Tang San, a disciple from the outer sect of Tang Sect, who went to Douluo Continent and recast the glorious story of Tang Sect in this martial soul world. The main characters are Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai and so on.

4. Promise Magic Way

Although he has not obtained the platinum certification of the starting point, it is probably due to his low-key and indisputable character. But it is undeniable that this book can be called a masterpiece of the magic way, and it can be called the first novel of the magic way. Ding Hao, the protagonist in the book, has a straightforward character, happy and enmity.

5. Zhu Xian

This book has a unique position in the world of online novels, because it pioneered a world of immortality, so that latecomers took a lot less roads, and has been sealed as a classic pioneering work, with great sentimental value and status. Zhu Xian's later period was adapted into Qingyunzhi, starring Li Yifeng and Zhao Liying. In the new era, it has played an exemplary role in pioneering the Internet literature and pan-entertainment.

6. The master can be said to be the pinnacle of popularity of the silkworm potatoes. According to reliable statistics, the dominant Sogou index, the Baidu index once exceeded 8 million in one day. Such a result can be described as unprecedented and no one will come. The book combines the popularity of Xiao Yan, the Emperor of Dou Po Cangqiang Yan, and the popularity of the martial ancestor Lin Dong, coupled with the unremitting efforts of the young Mu Chen, and eventually grows into a master. It not only dominates the great world, but also dominates the Baidu Fengyun list for several years and the popularity list of the entire online literature circle.

7. Yangshen

The culmination of the Central Plains Five White Dreams, once won eight consecutive championships on the starting point Chinese website. Seven years have passed, and no one has broken it until now. This book has opened up a new system and raised his writing ability and worldview to a new level. The book combines immortality, martial arts, Confucianism, qiyun, etc., so that this book shows the contending spirit of a hundred schools of thought, which shows that the pen power of dreaming into the magic is profound.

8. Coiling Dragon

Many people have different opinions on my pinnacle of eating tomatoes. Some people think it is Jiuding Ji, some people think it is eating the stars, but it is estimated that more people will recognize it as Panlong. There used to be such a saying in small circles that it would be useless to read the whole world without reading Panlong. This is certainly an exaggeration, but it cannot be denied that the Panlong worldview constructed by the Supreme God is wonderful. The collection and subscription of this book at the beginning of the year were the first, which also laid the position of the supreme god for Tomato.

9. A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality

Wang Yu took five years to complete a masterpiece of mortal flow. He opened up a new era and made latecomers rush to imitate. Many first-line Internet writers have been born in this field. What's amazing is that Mortal Xiuxian Chuan was not taken seriously at first, and was almost abandoned. It took nearly 500,000 words to receive the signing text messages on the site. This also adds some legendary color to this unprecedented stream of mortals.

10. Fighting with swords in the snow The lords of the beacon opera is one of the three representatives of the three major literary and youth writers in the online literary circle. His writing style and his worldview all possess literary value. Many people say that the princes of Fenghuo Opera are more like traditional writers, which also shows the profound skill of this great god from the side.

As the title says, these are ten classics, ten culminations, and no one refuses to accept them. More genres, more exciting, all in panda novels