"Three Body", science fiction will always surpass the predecessors, and then be surpassed by future generations

The light tombs, space curvature spacecraft, dimensionality reduction strikes, and dimensional expansion protons that appeared in "Three-Body" have all shown me a corner of the future society on the basis of existing physical discoveries. These may be wrong, but they are also Provided us with direction. And the most important thing is that science fiction relies on ideas. How would it feel if we went to see twenty thousand miles under the sea? Not to mention science fiction, even the travel notes are not exciting enough.


Science fiction will always surpass the predecessors and be surpassed by future generations. It is normal for Sanbo to surpass other science fiction classics, and he will also be surpassed by other science fiction novels in the future. However, in terms of the magnitude of the idea, the three bodies really crush other science fiction novels, and other science fiction novels can become classics by slowly unfolding and writing with one idea. Three-body is simply a bombardment of ideas. As a result, I don’t dare to look directly at the status of "Three-Body"! Now the first film has 170,000 ratings, and the English reviews have reached 14 thousand, which is more than all other science fiction English reviews.


The ratings of the three parts have doubled to 50,000, but the total score is still high, 4.40 and 4.42. More importantly, the language of reviews under the three-body system is more rich than other international bigwigs, covering almost all languages (including all minor languages), while Ander's game (seems...don’t remember). Hebrew, there is no Chinese under Tianyuan (seems). In fact, before watching the three-body system, I wondered if the three-body system was as good as they said.


So I first read it based on the recommendation of all the "great gods", Asimov's base series, but after reading two books, Liu couldn't stand it anymore. Afterwards, I will watch the trilogy directly, and read the trilogy all the way, except for the last one, which took a while because of work. In conclusion, as far as "Base" is concerned, I prefer "Three-Body". The description of science in the base is rather rough, which may be due to the times. "The Shadow of Ender" is indeed highly rated, and it is considered to be another shocking excellent work in the dozen books of the ender series. It seems that I have to take the time to read it.


In fact, to be honest, I probably scanned the back of the ender series. Seriously, I didn’t find it particularly attractive, and the second book "Advocate for the Dead" is a controversial work. I have observed the situation. After reading it, some people are very moved and think that they are God’s works, while others are relatively disgusted (maybe because they feel a little Virgin) and dismissive. I happen to be biased towards the latter category of people.


Mystery and the three-body, and the three-body can't be overstated. In an age when the fairy tale travels through the harem stallion, there are very few domestic science fictions. I once thought that the novel would be like a TV series, dressed in strange weirdness. I started to fall in love in my coat, and it’s okay. A lot of science fiction is just because of the vocabulary that looks tall but doesn’t understand what it means. But the three-body, some highly professional vocabulary I don’t understand, but I can pass the whole This book can feel the power of those words.


I think this is the same as deception. Their way of communication is destined. To them, trust and deception are both novelty, and trust is proved by deception, because they understand trust differently from ours. Trust is just like what I said and what you heard is the same as what I said. This is 100% trust, the basis of everything, and the existence of a certain theorem. The definition of trust in the eyes of the people on earth is whether I believe in the message you convey. This concept and deception are complementary to each other. I think for the Trisolaran people, it may be more troublesome for them to understand trust than to understand deception. (Of course it’s the trust of the earth’s people)

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