A dark stream novel that almost became a god, the whole network was completely blocked as soon as it became popular

In the world of online literature, there are many genres of novels, among which Dark Stream is a relatively niche genre. The protagonists of most novels stand on the side of justice and fight against the forces of darkness. This is a setting that readers have become accustomed to. However, in dark-flow novels, the protagonist often does not have a position of light and darkness, but is self-centered, doing whatever he wants, and acting more like a villain. Some readers of such novel plots are fascinated by it, but some cannot accept it.


Today, I want to say that it is a dark stream novel that almost became a god, but unfortunately this novel was completely blocked when it became popular on the Internet. When this novel was serialized, its popularity was very high, even overwhelming the works of many great gods. And the author of this novel is just a newcomer writer, which shows the reader's recognition of this novel.

However, the controversy of this novel is also relatively big. People who like it are regarded as gods, but those who don't like it are scorned and regarded as bad work. Such a polarized evaluation also means that the content of this novel is indeed very unusual.


This novel is "Reverend Insanity", and the author has the same name as the book. Since it has been completely blocked


This is a purely dark flow novel. The protagonist appears as a demon carrying countless killings, and then the plot is almost completely dark. The protagonist not only takes the killing to the extreme, but is also cold-blooded in terms of emotions. It seems to have done something. Everything is taken for granted.


The traditional dark stream novels only add some dark elements to the environment background and the setting of the protagonist’s character, adding some decisive plots, but the core of the plot is still based on coolness, which is also the majority of web articles. core.

However, "Reverend Insanity" implements the word "darkness" from beginning to end, and has reached the extreme, so this novel has become a new force. But many readers can't accept such a setting, thinking that the plot is all about killing and killing, it's too bloody and violent, and it's totally meaningless darkness.


But there are also many readers who support this novel, thinking that the setting is novel and the plot is reasonable. It just takes the dark side to the extreme.

Of course, there is no need to say whether it is good or bad, because this novel has been blocked in China. In the current Internet environment, such a novel is also destined to not exist.

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