5 great scourges in the novel, how many do you know

1.Tales of Herding Gods

Tales of Herding Gods》,A popular fantasy novel by Zhaizhu, featuring a humorous route. The male protagonist Qin Mu in the book, nicknamed Qin Chaizai, is a cultivator who came out of the big market. He grew up in Daxu and was regarded as hope by the people in the disabled village. Although he was a mortal body, he was deceived by the village chief to be a hegemony.

Qin Mu is a shameless person with a face of self-confidence. He only calls himself second in the world and considers himself very humble. The biggest scourge in this book is wherever he went. The scholars of the Supreme Academy demolished four or five times. The palaces around the Temple of Heaven were also demolished by him. The city of Tianbo was demolished by him. Ten thousand years, he disappeared as soon as he came...Qin Chacha is worthy of the name!

2. "Humanity Supreme"

"Humanity Supreme", a masterful fantasy novel by Zhaizhu, witty and humorous brushstrokes, passionate tunes, and the righteousness of protecting the human race are vividly reflected in this book.

Zhong Yue, the descendant of the human race, the descendant of Xinhuo, although the blood of Fuxi in his body is thin, he still awakened the blood of Fuxi and embarked on the road of protecting the human race. This person Zhong Yue is extremely restless, and he is typical of wherever he goes. There is a sentence in the book, called Zhong Mishang Down the Mountain. It was Zhong Yue's senior brother who was almost frightened when he heard Zhong Yue go down the mountain. When Zhong Yue’s senior, this is how he commented on Zhong Yue: “You must watch Junior Zhong and don’t let him wander around. Every time Junior Zhong goes out, he will cause a lot of big things, and I’m terrified.”

3.A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality》,Wang Yu’s self-cultivation novel, with the capital of mortals, embarks on the road of self-cultivation. "Brother, can a mortal really cultivate?" Facts have proved that as long as you have great perseverance, even a mortal, you can embark on the road of cultivation, and you can go further!

Han Paao is simply the source of the scourge in the book. An old demon with a simple appearance cannot catch up with a few big bosses. When you arrive at a new place, you are familiar with the terrain and prepare for escape. Han Li is a very realistic person. He doesn't act aggressively or aggressively. He will run away if he can't beat him. It doesn't matter as long as he is okay and saves face. This is where the name Han Paopao came from. Team up with other cultivators to explore, every time other people become cannon fodder, as long as he comes out alive! This person, he has upset the originally unquiet realm of cultivation...

4.Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity》,A dark cultivator novel, the sharpness in the book is like a sharp sword just out of its sheath, ready to harvest the lives of cultivators at any time!

Gu Yue Fang Yuan, the reincarnated great demon, the biggest villain in the book, the purpose of comprehension is to disrupt the world of comprehension. He killed countless people throughout his life. For resources, the entire family was killed by him...

5.A Will Eternal

A Will Eternal》,A shameless person’s cultivation story. Bai Xiaochun’s black belly is rare in the entire cultivation world. He is as timid as a rat, and likes to speak out and feel complacent. It feels like an extremely unreliable person. .

The first black man in the book, the shameless man, the source of the evil, loves to pretend to be forced, and the commonly used verbal language is: I Bai Xiaochun flicks his fingers, XXX disappears in smoke. Although his name is Bai Xiaochun, his heart is actually a big black...

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