The useless dog-blood characters in the novel The useless dog-blood characters in the novel

Readers who often read novels will have their own scale in their hearts, which is used to call the author’s sincerity, as well as the character setting, character description, plot setting, and plot direction of the novel. If a novel is in these There are some disqualifications in the aspect, and readers may still complain about it. But if this problem is too outrageous, or the characters and plots always use things that have been chewed up, it is inevitable that the readers will have something in their hearts. I don't want to read it anymore. Today, I’m here to talk to you about those dog-blooded characters in the novel that have been used up, but there are still authors who use them "tiringly".

The first type is a beautiful girl who is infatuated.

This kind of character setting can appear in any type of novel, beautiful and beautiful, they will always say to the handsome and passionate male protagonist: No matter how many women there are around you (or on the bed), as long as you have in your heart Me, I'm satisfied. Then he lowered his head gently and snuggled into the arms of the hero, asking for nothing. Looking at the novel like this is very infatuated. If such a woman appears in our real life, we really hate iron and steel, and want to slap her sober!


The second type is a handsome man who can always save beauty invisible.

When the heroine was about to be abused by the bad man, he suddenly rushed to the heartbroken heroine: "Don't be afraid, I'm here." Or "Sorry, I'm late.", Then gently kissed the hostess on the cheek, and went to a duel with the bad guy. Authors’ descriptions of this kind of character are usually “he came here in a hurry, just for the one he loves, and would rather be the enemy of the world for her!” This kind of rhetoric, the first few times I saw it, I still felt that it was really heroic. I just feel vulgar.


The third is a person who can be forgiven infinitely just because he is the protagonist no matter what he does wrong. When the protagonist and a supporting role make a serious mistake at the same time, the protagonist is always forgiven first. If they offend everyone in the world for the sake of themselves or a woman, or even leave their parents and parents behind, readers will forgive him and say that he would do it as a last resort. But if a supporting role does this, readers will say that this person has no humanity and is a rebellious and unfilial person. The editor just wants to say that this kind of plot can only appear in the novel.


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