Ranking of spaceships in science fiction

Speaking of spacecraft, it is probably a product of science fiction; after all, mankind has not yet entered the real space age, and the so-called spacecraft is not worth mentioning in science fiction. It's really sad to think that you might not even be able to see a decent spaceship in your lifetime. However, since the interest is coming, Panda still counts and ranks various spaceships in science fiction here. Let's talk about it first.

1. Infinite non-probability drive spacecraft "Hambling Guide to the Galaxy", after starting the non-probability drive mode, the spacecraft becomes a quantum state, and can even control the probability of appearance at any point in the universe. The evolutionary version of over-distance transmission can theoretically be within one month Across the universe, there is no doubt that it ranks first.

2. Hyperspace transition spacecraft (mass repeater, wormhole effect) "base series", especially after the middle of the base, can enter the target coordinates in the holographic multi-dimensional mode, and the spacecraft can automatically set the route without tedious calculations, which is very practical and labor-saving. Enter the transition The model can jump to the target in hyperspace (perhaps through the imaginary space hypermembrane at the time), and the coordinates and hyperspace area of the target have been recorded. It can also be regarded as an over-distance transmission, and it only takes half a month to cross the galaxy, which is the foundation for the establishment of the galactic empire.


3. The quantum wave spacecraft "Black Sun" also makes the spacecraft enter a quantum state, but then propagates in the form of a wave until it encounters a massive object to attract and return to the normal state, and it may fall into a black hole. During the flight, everyone is a quantum wave. Unconscious, the real meaning of flying at the speed of light, high risk and low feasibility.

4. The space curvature drives the spacecraft. "The third part of the three-body" twists the space-time curvature to drive the spacecraft. Its effect is equivalent to the gravitational acceleration caused by an infinite mass object. The spacecraft is accelerated to the maximum speed and flies at the speed of light. Traveling through the universe in a lifetime, but trillions of years have passed since the outside world.


5. Anti-gravity spacecraft (associated and sorted out by various novel materials), changing the spin of gravitons to achieve repulsion and attraction between gravitons. In space, gravity can change all directions into one direction, so that gravity drives the flight. When the gravity is superimposed to a certain degree, the spacecraft can theoretically reach the speed of light.

6. Antimatter spaceship "Antimatter spaceship" Many people still don’t know about antimatter. Antimatter is the anti-state of normal matter (negatively charged, with opposite spin); when positive and negative matter meet, the two sides will annihilate and offset each other, explode and produce huge energy. According to E=MC2, the energy produced by 1g of antimatter is equivalent to the energy produced by the explosion of 43,000 tons of TNT explosives or the energy produced by 2.5 Hiroshima atomic bombs. Therefore, antimatter can be said to be an illusion resource with the highest energy utilization efficiency. When the spacecraft is flying, the magnetic field and special devices are used to collect ct antimatter and normal matter in space to drive the spacecraft, which can be as close to the speed of light as possible;


7. Nuclear power-driven spacecraft (most of the novels) can reach a quarter of the speed of light under nuclear fusion. It is best to continuously collect empty hydrogen atoms to maintain fuel supply during flight. Almost all spacecraft are driven by nuclear power. Maintain normal flight.

8. The solar sail spacecraft (a variety of novel materials) is driven by light pressure. Using the reaction force of the photoelectric effect generated by stellar photons to hit the surface of the solar sail, the space resistance is almost 0, so it can be accelerated to about 3% of the speed of light. It is environmentally friendly and low cost. It is the closest to reality and the least powerful. The strength of chemical fuels.

PS: Of course, all the spacecraft with both technologies are the best. From this, the author also conceived: 1. Dimensional spacecraft, the spacecraft can enter the high-dimensional mode to traverse dimensions. For example, we can directly penetrate a piece of paper to the other side without completing the two-dimensional journey. In the same way, the effect is roughly equivalent to a leap spacecraft; 2. The entropy rate drives the spacecraft to construct a negative entropy area in the front, and the spacecraft autonomously flies to a disordered state.

This is what Panda knows and can think of. If you have any comments, please leave a message in Panda Novel!