The Law of Dark Forest in Science Fiction [Three Body]

Nowadays, science is becoming more and more developed, bringing a lot of novel scientific knowledge to human society, and making people have a great interest in science and technology. Science fiction has also developed in such an environment. The famous Chinese novelist Liu Cixin’s "Three-Body" masterpiece has attracted the attention of many friends. Today, the panda will talk about the law of the dark forest in the [Three-Body].


The universe is very huge. So far, human beings have not fully explored even the solar system, let alone the endless space and time of the universe. Therefore, for human beings, the exploration of the universe can only be just started, so we have a lot of science and technology to develop, so we To understand the universe.

Human imagination is endless, so we can think of many things that do not exist in the future, but these things will attract everyone’s main force. After all, unknown things are the most attractive things. Pandas don’t believe in the dark forest. The rule, let me say some of my own opinions, because my personal level is limited, my friends should correct me if it is wrong.


First of all, the dark forest law of [Three Body] is aimed at more advanced civilizations, but human civilization has developed very fast. Even if there are aliens, their wisdom is not necessarily stronger than ours, or even worse than the earth. People, the reason is very simple, the evolution of intelligent life is so difficult, it is not something that can be achieved overnight.

The evolution of our human civilization on the earth is at least 3.6 billion years old. This can be seen from the fossils of the earth. That is to say, it takes longer for us to experience the time from the appearance of the earth to the first appearance of life. Some, if you count the time when the earth appeared, it will be more than 4.6 billion years.


The origin of the universe, human scientists currently have a basic figure, that is about 13.5 billion years, but everyone needs to pay attention to the universe is suitable for life survival environment, which is more than 4 billion years, so the production is more than ours. It should be said that the chance of a wise life is very small, or even zero.

Secondly, our human history is an example. At the beginning of human civilization, due to the backwardness of science and technology and the immaturity of the mind, the killing was very severe, and even genocide occurred. But with the development of human civilization Continuous development, and now we have begun to pay attention to human rights, even for animals and plants, humans will be full of love.


When we humans go to a relatively backward planet of alien life, will we destroy this planet? The answer is of course no, because we are highly civilized humans, I will not casually destroy other planets, this is a law of life evolution, the more developed the civilization, the less it will harm other life.

Here is an example. After the US Cassini completed a series of solar system explorations, after careful research, scientists finally decided to invest Cassini on Saturn so that it would not pollute other planets. This is the care of human civilization. An example of other planets, so the higher the level of civilization, there will certainly not be more barbarous killings, if that is the case, this civilization must be a low-level civilization.

The more important point is that it is very possible that we humans are lonely in the universe. We all know that humans appeared on the earth. In fact, there are countless coincidences. As long as there is one thing that cannot be achieved, humans will not appear. For example, if the dinosaurs are not extinct, mammals Will not be able to compete with these big guys, and human civilization will be out of the question.


We should note that if the solar system did not have a powerful Jupiter, then our earth would have been riddled with holes, and it would be impossible for humans to appear today, and every evolution of the solar system’s galaxies fits the earth very well, so that humans can Able to recuperate and rejuvenate.

At the same time, our Milky Way is even more so. If the Earth is not in an empty area of the Milky Way, then we will not survive until now. If the Earth does not have a magnetic field, plate motion, and the tidal coordination of the Moon, then our Earth will not be suitable for life evolution. , There will be no highly intelligent human beings.

Of course, the universe is huge, and there is a high probability of high-intelligence beings, but can these beings really thrive and thrive as smoothly as humans? For example, they are likely to experience a world war. In the end, this war is different from the world war of human beings on earth. They have gone to death together. Such highly intelligent beings will not exist.


There is another important factor. When science and technology develop, these highly intelligent beings are likely to take another path, which is self-destruction. In this way, these highly intelligent beings will not be able to appear in front of us. The path of high-intelligence life development is very difficult, in fact, we humans are the same.

Some highly intelligent beings are likely to be declared the end of history by the arrival of a meteorite at the moment they appear. Therefore, the probability of high-intelligence beings is indeed very low, and the possibility of destruction is higher. Therefore, the law of the dark forest simply cannot Apply to the universe.

Our universe has some basic laws. The most important point is the highest speed limit. That is to say, there is no high-intelligence life that can move within the speed of light, so these life cannot threaten mankind at all, because It is estimated that it will take millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years for them to come to the earth. Such a price to wipe out mankind is obviously a very uneconomical thing.

In addition, we have to consider one point. Even if the high-energy intelligent life in the universe exists, the needs of each other are completely different. Just like human beings nowadays, they will definitely not consider what benefits they can get from people who drill wood for fire. , Because science and technology have surpassed too much, you eliminate these people, in fact, there is no value at all


Therefore, if the development level of civilization is different, the requirements are also completely different. Will the advanced intelligent life that master the speed of light compete for the earth's resources? This is definitely an impossible thing, because their eyes are on the vast universe, rather than settle on a certain planet and degenerate back to the foregone conclusion.

Human beings in the universe are likely to be lonely high-intelligence beings. Even if there are the same high-intelligence beings, the possibility of getting in touch with each other is very small, because their goals are completely different, and there is no one among them. Because of the need to establish connections, human beings are very lonely in the universe, and other highly intelligent beings are also very lonely.

The last thing the panda wants to say is to cherish every life and cherish our earth. The dark forest law is not suitable for higher civilizations. It is just a survival law when human civilization and productivity are relatively low. But now human civilization is getting higher and higher. If we When encountering a more civilized alien, it is very likely that the other person will smile very friendly and then disappear in front of us.

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