Inventory of forced heroines in novels

There are some female characters in the novel. You thought she could not be the heroine, but because of an accident, she became the heroine. At the moment when she was forced to bow by the overlord, the heroine's position could not escape. Here are a few heroines who were forced to bow by the overlord!

  1. Battle Through the Heavens》Medusa


Battle Through the Heavens》As the most popular novel of the year, it did create a very prosperous brilliance. Whether it was popularity or click, it broke the record of online novels. The protagonist Xiao Yan, his wife Gu Xun'er, Medusa, confidante Yun Yun, Yafei, Xiao Yixian!

The Medusa in the book was forced to become the heroine. The protagonist lost a part of his mind in the process of the fusion of the different fires, and then the overlord slammed the bow to overthrow Medusa...

The embarrassed Medusa wanted to kill Xiao Yan, but then gradually developed feelings for him...

2《Wu Dong Qian Kun》Aya Kiyoshitake


Wu Dong Qian Kun》,Heavenly Silkworm Potato  Following《Battle Through the Heavens》Then came another popular novel. The plot and routines of this book can be said to be exactly the same as "Dou Po", with Yihuo replaced by ancestor talisman, and vindictiveness replaced by vitality!

One of the heroines, Qing Qingzhu, was also forced to bow by the overlord. In the ancient tomb, Lin Dong and Qing Qingzhu talked together at the same time, and then was forcibly sent a wave of marriage by the deceased master of the tomb mansion!

Aya Kiyoshi, who had lost her virginity, wanted to kill Lin Dong, but was moved by the tenacity of the young man and softened her heart. In the last conversation, she only heard: The woman I slept must be mine……

3. "The Tomb of God"


"The Tomb of God", a popular fantasy novel by the great god Chendong, the protagonist Chen Nan, who wrote the Tao of Tantai Xuan tens of thousands of years ago, was completely abolished, and was buried in the cemetery of the gods and demons after his death.

Wannian’s layout is only for destroying the sky, and the book is one step at a time. If many plots are not read, it is difficult to develop the plot. And Meng Ke'er became the heroine, which is even more surprising. In the early stage, Meng Ke'er and Chen Nan can be said to be friends of life and death, and they both want to kill each other!

However, in a battle, the two of them both fell off the cliff, lost their memories, forgot everything, even their own names, but the two only remembered each other's name. What a deep hatred it must be!

During the period of amnesia, Meng Ke'er and Chen Nan were married and had a relationship. Meng Ke'er is not considered to be forced to bow by the overlord, but it is not the kind of willingness, just lost the memory!

In fact, Tantai Xuan is the real man who was forced to bow by the overlord, and the most primitive melee fragment between the two people was deeply impressed by now!

4《Renegade Immortal》Willow eyebrow


Renegade Immortal》,Author: Er Gen  This fairy tale novel is my personal favorite fairy tale novel. The perception of realm and the thinking about life in it are rare in online novels!

Liu Mei can be said to be an accident in the book. In the tomb of Suzaku, the two had a forced relationship. Liu Mei even gave birth to a child named Wang Ping. The resentful Liu Mei turned Wang Ping into an abandoned baby, but he The moment she died, all the hatred disappeared!

After that, Mu Bingmei was ruthless and sentimental, and he did not forget Wang Lin. The husband and wife in that last life became Mu Bingmei's most beautiful scenery in this life...

To sum up so much for the time being, which novels have you seen where the heroine was forced to bow by the overlord? Please leave me a comment on Panda Novels