"Three Body" has long been made into a movie, why hasn't it been released? What are they talking about in the novel?

The news that "Three-Body" was filmed into a TV series made many netizens who like this novel feel extremely excited. According to the filing form exposed on the Internet, there are 24 episodes of the drama version of "Three Body".

The news of the drama version of "Three-Body" is also reminiscent of the movie "Three-Body" that has been "outsided" for many years. The film "Three Body" was shot as early as 2015, but the film has not been released yet. Then why was the movie "Three-Body" stopped? Why was it banned? And what exactly does the three-body talk about?


What does the three-body talk about?

 Among them, "Three Body" was translated by Chinese American science fiction writer Liu Yukun and won the 73rd Hugo Award for Best Novel. "Three-Body III: Death Immortal" won the 2017 Track Award for Best Featured Science Fiction Novel.


"Three-Body" is a very good hard science fiction novel, which involves countless scientific knowledge of cosmology, quantum physics, string theory and so on. Not to mention that I am an ordinary liberal arts background person, and science students see it. It's not a good understanding, but every one of our science fiction readers must understand that studying the theories in the novel does not help to improve the reading experience. We only need to grasp the general story clues.

Furthermore, the story also involves historical knowledge in ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad. Here, I would like to express my sincere respect for Liu Cixin’s breadth of knowledge. He tells us that science fiction writers can not write good works by relying solely on wild imagination. They have profound knowledge. The bottom line is that it is really convincing to be able to make reasonable and unexpected ideas based on the real world.


The story probably tells the struggle between the people on earth and the Trisolaran people who are four light-years away in science and technology far more advanced than the earth civilization. The earth civilization that was driven to desperation by the Trisolaran world had to take extreme measures to die with each other.

The process is accompanied by the earth-shaking changes in the human world and the increasing but bottomless understanding of the universe by the people on earth. The scope of the story extends from China to the entire world to two very different galaxy civilizations and even the entire universe. The time span spans from the period of the Chinese Cultural Revolution to several earth centuries to the rebirth of the universe after 18.9 million years.


The story is so large that it will not feel boring to read at all. Liu Cixin always shows readers novel things in appropriate places. I am really impressed by Liu's extraordinary creativity.

Each of the "Three-Body" trilogy has its own highlights: Three-Body 1 is the origin and growth of the "Three-Body" game and the earth's three-body organization; Three-Body 2 is the theory of four wall-facers and the dark forest of the universe; three Body 3 is the ultimate destiny of three fairy tales and the universe.

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