Book fans who like fantasy novels, don’t miss my recommendation

In the world of online literature, 'Heavenly Silkworm Potato'an amazing writer. I will share it with you today. I hope you can give me some suggestions.

1:《Battle Through the Heavens


Among the many works of the authors, I think the one that can be called the most representative work is "Battle Through the Heavens".This novel may be called Xiaobaiwen by many people, but it really brings us into a dreamlike alien world, a alien world without magic and only grudge. And in this alien world, there are also intrigues and intrigues, and of course there is no shortage of blood.

When this book was first published, I started chasing this novel. This book may be very popular in language, or as many friends say, it is very white, but I have to admit that the plot of this book is quite attractive. Especially at the beginning of the novel, Nalan Yanran took advantage of Yun Lanzong's strength to come to Xiao's family to request her divorce, but in desperation, Xiao Yan actually wrote a divorce letter, which made people feel particularly relieved.

It can be said that it was from the protagonist who said, "Don't bully the young man," I really started to like this novel. In the following plots, the protagonist, with the help of Yao Lao, constantly cultivates fighting spirit, and finally becomes a pharmacist. All these plots are really fascinating. It can be said that when the author writes this novel, every step should be set in advance.

Only in this way can readers have expectations for the next plot!

In fact, in my opinion, the reason why this book has become the author’s representative work is not only because of its high popularity on the Internet, but also because this novel is a concentrated expression of the author’s writing style, and the author’s future writing routines are also in Shaped in this novel. More importantly, the plot of this book is easy to understand, and it has become the blueprint for many novels, so I will first write the reading experience of this novel here.

2: 《Wu Dong Qian Kun


Compared with "Battle Through the Heavens", this novel has the same feeling of old wine bottled with new wine. Apart from the different background and level setting of the novel, the plot routine is actually the same. In my opinion, it is precisely because the author continues the writing routine of "Battle Through the Heavens" that also makes the writing of this book quite smooth! In fact, this is also very easy to understand.

When a writer is recognized by readers for a writing routine, he is naturally accustomed to using this routine. The book’s continuation of this routine is indeed successful, and the level setting, background and plot are quite novel for readers, which also makes this novel very popular.

Of course, the premise is that the reader is not bored with the author's writing routines that he already knows.

In the book, the protagonist is a young man named Lin Dong. The story still takes place in another world. It can be said that the storyline is very closely connected.

Therefore, when I read this novel, I was quite attracted by the plot inside, especially the blood plot, which is indeed worth reading!

3:Dragon Prince Yuan


This book is the author's fifth novel. This novel still has an oriental fantasy color. Unlike the author's previous novels, it is slightly innovative in its writing routines. In my opinion, this novel should also be regarded as a new attempt by the author to subvert the original writing style! After all, pure oriental fantasy genre novels still have a certain degree of difficulty compared with novels on the other world continents.

The author wants to try to change some of the original writing styles and writing routines, which still requires a certain amount of courage and courage, but in fact, as long as the habits are excellent, the development of online literature is also changing with each passing day. Who can always hold a kind of writing? How to eat for a lifetime? After all, even if the reader is not bored with reading, the author will be bored with writing. And it is precisely because the author has this courage to transform his own work and writing style, it is also the beginning of opening another world.

The above is my simple appreciation of these three novels. I will share with you all here. Friends are welcome to criticize and suggest, if you have different suggestions, please leave me a message in Panda Novels