Several types of traversing novels

The subject of traversal can be divided into three types: one is only the soul traversing, the other is the body and soul traversing together, and the other is the exchange of body and soul.


There are many ways to traverse, including romantic marriage proposal scenes, crossing by being choked by a ring; head impact crossing, car accident crossing, etc. In this type of novel, the reason for crossing is not important, it is a passing, important part It's the scene after waking up through the journey.


    The original era of the protagonist in the traversal is often modern, and part of the era he traverses is mostly in the Kangxi and Yongzheng eras of the Qing dynasty, which gave rise to fan groups such as the Si Ye Dang and the Eight Ye Dang. Another part is often the fictitious era of fiction writers, which is the so-called "overhead history." In addition, the Tang Dynasty, Han Dynasty, and Ancient Egypt are also writers' favorite choices.


    Generally, it can be divided into the Late Ming Party, the Three Kingdoms Party, the Imperial and Han Party, the Anti-Qing Party, the Roman Party, the Westernization Party, and the Democratic Party according to the dynasties they have traveled.


 If the protagonist of the traversing novel is a female, after traversing, he can often get involved with the royal family, or become a princess, or a servant in the palace. In the end, he is often liked by a group of outstanding princes, dukes, elder brothers, and emperors. When I got up, I started a love story that was chivalrous and tender, lingering, or soul-stirring.

  Most of the heroines are intelligent, whether they seem to be wise or foolish, or shrewd and powerful, in the face of love, whether they are comfortable with the situation or strive for the highest, at least they will not lose their opinions. Gentle, kind, pungent, capricious, fictitious, lifelike, no matter the ordinary and noble, its personality is often not easy for you to forget, in general, every hostess how to say that she is not good and how to hide Herself, but she is always a superwoman.


    Most of the heroes are infatuated, whether they are gentle and elegant, or bossy and evil, whether they are implicit and euphemistic, or indifferent to love, they are always innocent in front of the heroine. When necessary, they still show a little childishness. Wisdom and scheming, you also have to worry about love.


 If the protagonist of the traversing novel is a male, after traversing, most of them have extraordinary courage, or the luck is smashing, or the undead Xiaoqiang, often the first enemy that can't be defeated, and soon after, the protagonist grows up and has the skills. If you encounter it again, you will be able to raise your eyebrows greatly.


After crossing, the male protagonist often becomes the first person to travel through the world. During the journey, he will encounter countless beauties who make the male protagonist fascinated and vow to die. The beauties tend to have broad minds to accommodate the beauties that the male protagonist provokes when he develops the field. Everyone calls them sisters, either kind or angry. In short, no one will leave the protagonist. There is another category of traversing novels, which is traversing from the so-called universe we see to another universe, where people are good at fighting qi, magic, etc., while traversers may be good at acupuncture, Chinese Kungfu, Taoism, etc. And they will eventually become kings, and there will be groups of beautiful wives and concubines, which can be regarded as a category of YY novels.




1. Before the founding of New China

   Popular era: Three Kingdoms (Three Kingdoms with a smile, natural Guo Fengxiao) Tang (Inverse Tang, Ban Tang) Song (Remaining love in the Song Dynasty, the Industrial Revolution of the Southern Song Dynasty) Qing (the most popular, such as dreaming back to the Qing Dynasty, anger and Xiaoyao)


  Ancient foreign

   is non-modern, non-Chinese crossing

   Popular space: Ancient Egypt (the pharaoh's favorite concubine), Japan (Heiankyo’s Yae Sakura Story), Europe (mostly related to princes and marquis, such as a journey to search for previous lives) and Babylon, etc.

3. Future time and space

   is the time from now on, which is more modern and relative to the past. Mostly after thousands of years, science and technology are developed

   Like rebirth in the future



  Overhead time and space

   refers to fictitious history, dynasty, time and space, or branches and parallel spaces that are different from the original history from the original time and space.

   Such as: Feng Yu Jiu Tian, Mu Jinhua Xiyue Splendid Youth Prime Minister, Foreign Guest

Traverse Novel-The ending classification of Traverse Novel

1. Hug right

   means that the male protagonist has more than 2 female partners, likes or marries more than 2 wives, and is also called a stallion

   peach blossom luck, many people chase (mostly choose only one in the end)

  The heroine came to the era of female superiority and male inferiority, and spent the rest of her life with the N male lead


  Dominate the world

   is mostly historical, the protagonist uses modern knowledge to help others or himself dominate the world

3. Harem favored

   is mostly the heroine who crosses the text, the heroine crosses as a member of the harem, and finally survives in the struggle, jealousy, not only loved by the emperor, but also like a fish in the water

4. At ease

   That is, tired after the big winds and waves, or swim far by yourself, or leave everything behind and fly away with your lover


  Business is booming

   means that the protagonist uses real objects and knowledge to carry out business, and finally becomes richer than the enemy's country

6. Diversified

   is to practice peerless martial arts in the martial arts, and dominate the martial arts

7. Cross over, cross back again   

    This type is relatively rare, but there seems to be a love novel that goes through Yongzheng.

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