The cliché setting in online novels, even "Dragon Prince Yuan" is not spared

This novel should be a relatively popular online novel recently, and the plot is quite exciting, but none of the cliché settings in the online novel are left behind. Let us now take a look at the clichéd settings in this novel.

One, the protagonist has a prominent family background

Most of the protagonists in online novels have a prominent family background. Like Young Master Xu in the snow, his father is Dazhuguo. In Douluo Continent, Tang San's father, Tang Hao, was also from a famous family, and our protagonist's father was once the king of a prominent country.


Second, the low-level can beat the high-level

In online novels, there are often level settings, and generally the higher the level, the stronger the combat effectiveness. But the protagonist doesn't seem to meet this setting, or surpasses these settings. The protagonist in the story generally can challenge the advanced level at a low level by virtue of his own special abilities, and can often challenge successfully, even if he fails to succeed, he unintentionally raises the level of the protagonist. For example, Tang San in Douluo Continent, etc.


Third, there is no shortage of beautiful women around the protagonist

The protagonist is a hero, and of course there is no shortage of beautiful women around the hero. And most beauties will like the protagonist. Although the protagonist is very popular with girls, the protagonist only likes one person. But there are also protagonists who like multiple beauties at the same time.

Fourth, the protagonist has a painful experience

The protagonist in an online novel will have a painful experience. Regardless of the growth of the protagonist or the needs of the plot, the life of the protagonist will not be smooth sailing. The protagonist’s painful experience adds a lot of excitement to their growth, and it also helps the protagonist to upgrade and fight monsters.


Five, the world view is very grand

The worldviews in online novels are very grand. They are generally divided into multiple continents, or multiple worlds, or multiple races, and can even become gods. In short, the bigger the worldview, the better, and the bigger the worldview, the ability of the protagonist can be demonstrated.


Sixth, the protagonist has a good pedigree or opportunity or the reincarnation of a certain character

In online novels, especially in fantasy novels, the protagonist’s pedigree is excellent, which is conducive to the development of subsequent storylines. The protagonist’s pedigree or opportunity can greatly improve the protagonist when the protagonist’s follow-up ability encounters a bottleneck, without the need for excessive explanation. This is also more reasonable. If the protagonist is the reincarnation of a certain character, then this directly determines the height that the protagonist can reach.


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