A must-see fantasy novel ’Dragon Prince Yuan‘

Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan are the two main protagonists in the novel, and the love, hatred and hatred of the story begins here. Yes, today's Panda Novel brings you this fantasy novel. This novel is written by the very famous father of fantasy—'Heavenly Silkworm Potato'. At the beginning of the novel, it briefly narrated the principles of exercises and upgrades, introduced Zhou Yuan's identity and the embarrassing situation of the unopened eight meridians, and then also raised suspense, without explaining why Zhou Yuan's eight meridians could not be opened.

The suspenseful theme and the bizarre identity give this novel a deep sense of mystery from the beginning, giving people a feeling of wanting to investigate clearly. Because of this, this novel attracted a lot of fans' attention from the beginning. Of course, as the story line of the article developed, the truth slowly came back to the surface.

It turned out that the male protagonist originally had the Eight Meridians as Juying Divine Meridians, but unfortunately there was no sign of opening, and he was carrying the Holy Dragon Qi Luck. This kind of Qi Luck blessing would make Zhou Yuan's cultivation more and more vigorous. But the regret is that this sacred dragon luck belonging to him is divided into one

Second, it was forcibly absorbed by the princes and saints of the enemy dynasty, which is the so-called reckless bird swallowing the dragon.

But what is gratifying is that Zhou Yuan met an ancient powerhouse-Grandpa Hei in the cemetery of the first kings, and also met the heroine-Yaoyao. At this point, the prologue of the story officially kicked off. With Yao's help, he descended and eliminated demons all the way, and finally cultivated to the pinnacle of martial arts, but he also lost one of his beloved ones-Yaoyao.

The most exciting part of this novel is that the plot is compact and the text will not be muddled. In the description of the fighting scenes, the scenes are vivid and vivid. Whether it is a three-year-old child or an elderly teacher, as long as you are literate, you can read the protagonist's power, the heroine's beauty, and the ups and downs of the story in this simple text.


Of course, in addition to the compactness of the story, the novel has two light and dark story lines. The open line is Zhou Yuan's hard work and practice desperately to reach the strongest combat power; the dark line is Yaoyao's consumption of divine power all the way, and finally heading for destruction, suggesting the sad ending of the story. But fortunately, the author was "coerced" by fans and changed the end of the story to Zhou Yuan's hard work, and finally stepped into the divine realm and resurrected Yaoyao.

In the subsequent battle with Yaoyao's lifelong enemy, he pushed back the enemy's son. In order to form a connection with the author's other three novels, the author forcibly blackened the enemy’s son into a god of heaven, entered a different world and was beheaded by the ruler, Mu Chen. Finally, Mu Chen, Zhou Yuan, Xiao Yan, and Lin Dong reached an agreement. Guard this big world.

The significance of this novel is not only the pursuit of the new in the fantasy style, but also the sublimation of the male and female protagonists’ views on love. He told us that true love is never in the future, but I am willing to give for you. The price of life, even if I know that the road ahead is an abyss, but in order to save you, I will choose to jump forward. Each other's achievements and dedication is the place where this novel is sublimated. It gives people a desolate, tragic attitude toward the world, and treats their loved ones with sincere sincerity. This love is great.

In the end, the novel also reviewed Zhou Yuan. From obscurity to peak power, change is the world around him; what remains unchanged is the heart that never forgets his duty. If you rate a novel, the full score is 100 points. I believe that those who have read it will score 99 points because it is worth it.

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