Is it possible to realize the five "longevity" technologies in science fiction?

The development of science and technology is inseparable from novel imagination, and the most intuitive expression of imagination is used in the expression of artistic works. The development of the world today is more magical than science fiction before. Science fiction often calls "longevity". Technology, although human beings have not yet touched on it, but we might as well discuss the methods in those science fiction works, is it really possible to achieve? Where is the human race? The most powerful technology can survive the life of the sun.

1 hibernation technique


Speaking of hibernation technology, I believe everyone should be familiar with it now. In recent years, the superheroes Captain America and the Winter Soldier, who have been particularly popular in recent years, have been able to live forever with the help of hibernation technology. As a way of longevity we are most familiar with, hibernation is actually The method closest to real life has a very simple principle. It is to keep the body at a constant temperature below zero to inhibit cell division. If you want to resurrect, you need to thaw. This technique is actually very limited. First of all It requires highly sophisticated instruments and operations, and can only be stored for a few hundred years at most, and the price/performance ratio is really not high.

2 gene extension technology


When it comes to gene extension technology, you must mention Liu Cixin, the author of "Three-Body". Liu Cixin mentioned this technology in many of his science fiction novels. It can be said that it is a form of science fiction created by Liu Cixin. This type of technology is controlled by The length of the gene allows it to continuously reorganize to ensure physical activity, but the situation faced by this technology is even more serious, that is, humans need to continue to make scientific repairs to their bodies, but in the final analysis, the human body will still have an end. .

3 Consciousness transmission technology


This may be the biggest technical problem for ethical tests. In many science fiction works, we can see that when the computer extracts the human consciousness and transfers it to a new body, or a robot, then it can be Think that you have gained immortality because your brain is still alive, but this will create a lot of uncertainty and is a great test for ethics.

4 life integration


Some science fiction novels mention the integration of life. The so-called integration of life means that the life of a planet and the planet become a whole. As long as the planet does not die, life will not die. In terms of feasibility, this is basically impossible. Yes, it really can only be imagined.

5 black holes


The most mysterious black hole in the real universe also surprises us in science fiction. Although it cannot be called longevity in the strict sense, it can actually turn life into a kind of eternity, according to Some scientists infer that due to the great attraction of black holes, the closer to the center of the black hole, the smaller the influence of time. If a person really enters the black hole, then its life will always be fixed at that moment, but how do humans overcome the black hole? The destructive power of entering the center of the black hole may be the real problem.

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