Inventory of those classic routines in online novels



1. The heroine is forced, and she will fall in love with the hero afterwards!

As long as a woman is cold, glamorous, innocent, or enchanting, as long as she has been slept by the male protagonist, even if she shouts and screams and fights between life and death, she will be infatuated with the male protagonist. Even the harem of the hero can be accepted magnanimously, and the harems can get along extremely harmoniously, like sisters!

2. The female partner status is usually a sister or a girlfriend, or a wealthy and powerful family, and then because of jealousy (hehe), she does no-brained things, is counter-designed by the female protagonist, or is caught upright by the male protagonist, and then is too miserable No matter how miserable, do you deliberately write the female partner as touching and interesting?

3. The head is that the heroine went to the wrong room, or was drugged by her mother, aunt, dad, uncle or aunt, and the heroine. This kind of plot is too frequent, and many novels start like this.

Online games:


Character skills depend on comprehension. The protagonist is always very powerful and unique. After establishing the character, he was born in Novice Village. He raised his head to comprehend the skill "Looking forward", throwing a stone to comprehend the skill "Throw in the sky", and was chased and killed by the enemy in the snowy mountain to comprehend the skill " No trace on the snow", but the enemy fell into a fool after running on the snow.

Rebirth class:


The mistress does not need to torture the concubine to death. The concubine is also a serious lady! Also, there are not so many Cinderellas! The prince is not without brains. You said that the second girl wants a family lineage, a face and a face, and loves the male protagonist wholeheartedly. Why can't she lose to anything? How can she return the female protagonist when it is critical? Feelings Is the prince really willing to not stand up forever? Even if you are a prince, you have to be the lowest among princes?

Fantasy category:


1. The protagonist is congenital/acquired disabled and gets an old man or an elixir or a secret recipe or a magic weapon.

2. The protagonist was born in a small family, and later discovered that his parents are awesome, his family is awesome, and his physique is awesome.

3. When the protagonist goes to a certain place, something big must happen in this place, auctions held every 20 years, mysterious caves once in 50 years, medicinal materials rare in a hundred years, heaven and blessed land opened once in a thousand years. The outfitted beast... will start in three days!

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