Five well-known writers in fantasy novels

Fantasy novels can be said to be the leading coquettish existence in the development history of online novels, occupying half of the online literature world. Nowadays, most of the well-known online writers have been engaged in the creation of fantasy novels, and the great god-level writers produced are also super influential and have a large number of fans.

Today I will give you an inventory: the "5 giants" among fantasy writers, together they carry the banner of fantasy novels!

  1. Heavenly Silkworm Potato

No matter how much Heavenly Silkworm Potato takes his laurels and plagiarizes himself, he cannot deny his position in the fantasy field, and he is even recognized as the No. 1 writer in fantasy novels. His "Battle Through the Heavens" laid the foundation for the writing routine of fantasy novels, established a fantasy novel template, with unprecedented influence, and played an indispensable role in promoting the development of fantasy novels.

2 tricky

The super-popular fantasy novel writer is one of the few online literary writers whose popularity and reputation have been well received. His works take into account the coolness of online literature and the traditional literary nature, and are the love of literary youth. Several of his works have changed the reader's impression of fantasy novels, and justified the name of fantasy novels: the connotation and the story complement each other, the writing style is excellent, and it is not innocent!

3. Jing Wu Hen

n influential fantasy novel writer who has been deeply involved in the field of fantasy. The creations of "Peerless Martial God" and "Prime God" are super popular, leading the trend of the moment, and are well versed in the cool words of fantasy novels, and are loved by readers. And sought after, further expanding the influence of fantasy novels. The serialized "Futianshi" has long been at the forefront of the major lists, and the scenery is boundless.

4. Against the sky

He has a very unique self-style. Several of his early works have a dark nature. The protagonist is decisive, cold-blooded and cruel, naked showing the weak and strong in the world of comprehension, and has a deep sense of substitution. Although the later works have changed in terms of darkness, they are still as profound as ever in describing human nature. His works have rich imagination, strong logic, and good coherence. They are classics in fantasy novels and have great influence.

5. Pig Nerd(Zai Zhu)

A super-popular Internet writer who was born late in his life, in the years when fantasy novels have gradually declined, he has once again carried the banner of the development of fantasy novels. His "Tales of Herding Gods" can be regarded as a phenomenon-level work, and its influence is almost comparable to that of "Fights Break Sphere", redefining the story template of fantasy novels, integrating Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, mathematics and other doctrines. Recreate the pinnacle of fantasy novels.

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