8 scenes that often appear in fantasy novels

Fantasy novels can be said to be half of the Internet literature.

At the peak of the fantasy, countless web masters were created.

Even now, Xuanhuan is not as popular as it used to be, but it is still a place where great gods gather.

Why don't we like to watch fantasy now?

Because there is too much writing about fantasy, the routines and irrigation are serious, and it is difficult to produce any novel works.

And how many common routines in these fantasy novels have you seen?


1. Waste materials counterattack the flow, that is, the protagonist's early waste materials, and then counterattack all the way afterwards.

In the early stage of the story, the protagonist must be a waste material, or a genius turned waste material, and then the people around are mocking the protagonist, anyway, they just look down on it.

After that, the protagonist absolutely refused to admit defeat, and went against the sky, and then the cheat came.

Since then, the protagonist has grown all the way, counterattack becoming the strongest.

For example, "Fights Break the Sphere", "Star Change", etc., many classic novels start with this routine.

2. The luck against the sky. When the protagonist falls down the cliff, he can find the treasures in the cave, and he can find the big leak when shopping on the side of the road.

At auctions, you can buy treasures that others look down on but are shocking to the world, or there will be a young man who competes with the protagonist, and then focuses on the protagonist to grab the protagonist's things, and then the protagonist counter-kills.

3. Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. This routine is annoying to watch, usually when the protagonist is more powerful, or with the routine of leapfrog killing, it is better to use.

A group of passersby couldn't see the protagonist's strength or taunted the protagonist's rank is too low, so the protagonist pretended to be a pig, eat a tiger, and slapped his face.


4. Leapfrog challenge. This is really a must-have for the protagonist. Don't leapfrog the challenge, you are really embarrassed to say that you are the protagonist.

It would definitely be useless to just be invincible of the same generation. It would not be awesome to defeat the enemy by one, two, two or three stages.

In the end, an enemy who really couldn't deal with appeared in time, and he would surely be able to run away or be rescued by someone.

5. The brainless villain taunts the protagonist being slapped in the face, and the passerby character supports the protagonist and gains more.

This routine is really unsatisfactory. When the protagonist fights with the enemy, someone must come out to taunt him, and then he gets slapped in the face.

Or when there is a betting plot where the protagonist and the person PK, a Tiehanhan believes in the protagonist, suppresses the protagonist to win, then is taunted by others, and finally wins a lot by accident.

6. Cool personality or dislike the protagonist's heroine at first, but in the end either the heroine or the protagonist has a good impression of the protagonist.

In many fantasy novels, there will always be a woman who has a cold personality and refuses to be thousands of miles away.

After that, always under the protagonist’s warmth, melted that cold heart, and fell under the protagonist’s pomegranate skirt.


7. Pets must be beasts. As long as there are pet novels, they appear in the eyes of ordinary people in the early stage as ordinary things, and they must contain the blood of gods and beasts. Under the guidance of the protagonist, they will gradually grow into an existence beyond ancestors.

8. Unlimited hole cards. As the protagonist of a fantasy novel, there must be an endless stream of cards.

The protagonist fights with the enemy, first test each other, then start the fight, after which the protagonist is at a disadvantage.

The protagonist opens up, the enemy opens up, the protagonist's hole card is 1, the enemy's hole card is 1... until the final victory over the enemy.

Then play the small ones, and the old ones will come, so there are also old monsters appearing to take the lead. In fact, it's a process of blasting the cards with each other.


I believe you must have seen these fantasy routines. If there are still such routines, would you still watch it?

In fact, besides what I said, there are a lot more, welcome everyone to add in panda novels