Does the cultivating immortality in fantasy novels really exist?

Speaking of cultivating immortals, I remembered that I had seen a paragraph. Some netizens believed that the stones in the body were the result of self-cultivation. However, they encountered an accident and were killed by the doctor when they took out their golden pills when they went to the doctor.

With the increasing number of novels on the Internet, the term "cultivation" also shows all sentient beings. Although human beings have not found a truly successful case.

So far, cultivation has only existed in ancient legends. However, many people still believe that cultivation is not a legend, but a form of human evolution, which is a civilization level higher than the current human civilization. It's just that there are still too many unanswered mysteries in today's scientific exploration.

In fact, cultivation is not difficult to explain. In novels and on TV, the protagonists can destroy a mountain with a wave of their hands, and an object can be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Do these abilities make you very envious?


Can we regard cultivation as a way for humans to evolve to a higher level of civilization?

Let's first understand that everything in the universe moves all the time, from order to disorder, and the movement of objects requires energy. The use of energy will directly affect the level of a civilization.

In ancient times, ape-man bricks and woods made fire and used fire to roast food, which was the initial energy used by humans. In ancient times, people used wood to cook food, fed grass with cattle, and then plowed the land with cattle. From the forging of cold weapons to the invention of firearms, these are all ways of using energy. The use of energy is enhanced step by step, and human civilization is becoming more and more advanced.

Until the first industrial revolution, mankind discovered more and more advanced ways of using energy, which directly elevated human civilization to a level. To this day, we can convert water energy, wind energy, etc. into electrical energy, and then drive one. A train can carry hundreds of people and move a distance of hundreds of kilometers in an instant.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientist Einstein once said that our human use of energy is far from enough.


Because in the process of energy conversion, a lot of energy is wasted. If human beings can master a brand-new way of energy conversion, then human beings will enter a brand-new civilization.

However, scientists at the time never thought that this new energy conversion method was studied by mankind in wars, that is, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, that is, atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs.

However, most of the atomic energy used by human beings is used to make bombs. Because bombs do not need to control energy, they only need to release energy, and if humans want to use and control this energy, humans still have a long way to go, such as the current nuclear power plants and so on.

According to scientists' calculations, it will take at least one hundred years, that is, one century, for human beings to master this energy 100%, before there is hope. Nevertheless, it is still no exaggeration to say that the current conversion and utilization of atomic energy by humans has once again allowed human civilization to advance more than a little bit.

So, back to the topic, did the ancient legendary practitioners have discovered some mysteries in the universe? It has penetrated into another way of using energy, which makes the physical body extremely powerful, such as flying, imperial sword, eliminating demons, and descending demons.

One more thing, are these demons also a kind of creatures, or are they humans themselves? Did they use a different way of using energy from people at the time and evolve in another direction, thus being suppressed? Are those who fail to cross the catastrophe because of misuse of energy, which leads to failure?


So, can we understand that these cultivators can use these energies to surpass ordinary people, they can evolve themselves, and can use their bodies or other things to receive the energy in the universe. Achieved things that humans could not imagine at the time.

For example, shrinking the ground, clairvoyance, using natural energy to strengthen ourselves, just like us now, using trains, airplanes, and telescopes, it’s just that we and the "cultivators" use and obtain energy in a different way. When they When they had enough energy, the civilization level at that time could no longer carry them, so they considered leaving the earth. Does the "crossing catastrophe and ascending" mean that they go to another high-level civilization. Up?

For thousands of years, those in power in the dynasties have been eager for them to become immortal. In the long history of China for thousands of years, whether it is the founding of the country or the time when the country is troubled by soldiers, there will be a group of "cultivators".

The so-called cultivator is actually a kind of "cultivation", but the form is not the same. Most of them are intelligent and powerful, self-cultivation, and they don't care about world affairs, they are in the mountains and rivers, just to understand the universe and nature, and seek transcendence. Asked Chengxian.

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