After reading romance novels for many years, I count the vulgar plots in it

The male coach makes people unable to walk

Generally, there are three types of handsome. The first type is Fengshen handsome. What kind of emperor is this kind of general, the knight of the rivers and lakes, the second kind is the one that is gentle and jade, like a rich kid who can play chess and blow a Xiao, and there is a kind that is more enchanting than a woman, but it is not only good-looking. It is also domineering, and sometimes there are several manifestations of arrogance, coldness, ruthlessness, and softness on a man.

The male is domineering, the male is infatuated

If there are several handsome men in a novel at the same time, the end result is often that of a handsome man and a gentleman like jade. In fact, I personally find it very difficult to understand. For those of us who love ancient styles, we prefer warm and jade-shaped ones. But why can't this kind of gentle and infatuation make the male number one? Is it because the male number one is domineering?


The first side of the heroine and the heroine is always unusual

For example, the male lead and the female lead rescue each other, or because of something quarreling, or the male lead murdered like a numb, but he felt more pity for the male lead. Another example is that the male protagonist originally had a cold personality, but he had a different feeling to the female protagonist at first glance. Either the prodigal son will not change his head, because it is fun to meet anyway.

The heroine is beautiful and angry

The description of beautiful women like "Qing Guo Qingcheng" has been used to describe beautiful women. Almost every novel has such a role. Either someone is as indifferent as tea, or an ugly woman reverses. Anyway, she is very charismatic, with spiritual eyes, and black and beautiful long hair, or she is witty and brave, proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy.


Most female protagonists are cold beauties

It seems like they used to love to die to death, but in the past two years, the heroine in the novel is either a kind of non-human fireworks or deserted, self-reliant and self-reliant. He obviously cares about the male protagonist and pretends to be a calm and gentle image, and then drives the male protagonist crazy. Could it be that in real life, women are more injured, and the novels are more biased towards women?

The hero is very dedicated

Regardless of whether there is a harem beauties or not, and no matter what type it is. Anyway, the male protagonist is something like "three thousand weak water, only one scoop". Or what would rather defeat the people of the world than the heroine. And there are still many small three who finally became heroines, entering the room in the name of discounted love, and other supporting actors are either well-developed or cruel...


The woman lost her when she didn't move

Or just run away from home because of a bad temper. Either it was planning a suspended animation, or it was kidnapped or amnesia. But anyway, no matter how much jokes, it seems that the male protagonist is very infatuated, and the last two people can be together, it seems that it is really super enjoyable to lose it.

The hero is very nauseous

Either the thief is domineering, don’t challenge my patience, or the thief is helpless, what should I do with you, or I only love you from start to finish, you will always be mine, or where you want to go to us Go together, or whether you love me or not...

The above is my personal opinion, if you know more, welcome to add it in the panda novel