Ten poisonous spots in online novels, for which readers often abandon books

After twenty years of development, online novels have become very prosperous, with huge numbers and various genres taking shape. Readers' tastes are becoming more and more disconcerting, and they have more requirements for online articles. Some "hidden rules" are gradually formed. Authors will try to avoid them in creation, otherwise, it will attract readers' dissatisfaction and abandon the book.

1. Green hat

Green Hat is currently the number one poisonous point that most dissatisfied Internet readers abandoning books. In traditional literary creation, green hats can appear, and it is not uncommon. It also existed in the early web articles, but for now, the appearance of a green hat in web articles is definitely a dead end. A long time ago, Tang Yixian, a character in Yueguan's "Returning to the Ming Dynasty to Be the Lord", first liked the protagonist and did a lot of things for Yang Ling. However, he fell into the cliff and lost his memory. Later, Tang Yixian and Zhengde were with Zhengde. For this reason, readers quarreled in the comment section. One sentence from today's fire book "My Sister is a Big Star": That's it! Once again, the starting point is everywhere, readers fry the pot, and even the leader of the alliance will abandon the book. None of this really happened.

2. The protagonist is mentally retarded

The protagonist is mentally retarded, but the author failed to portray the character, it seems that the protagonist is mentally retarded, or is often bullied. What the reader wants is a sense of substitution. Who can stand it if you have the protagonist's mental retardation.


3. The villain is mentally handicapped

The villain is mentally handicapped, in fact, it is also the protagonist who is mentally handicapped. Why did Bingxian Han Xin think it was powerful, because he defeated the Overlord of Western Chu. Why was the Overlord of Western Chu so powerful that he defeated the Qin army led by Zhang Han, and the Qin army led by Zhang Han defeated the hundreds of thousands of the remaining six nations' nobles. The villain is powerful, and the protagonist can defeat the villain, which can better reflect the protagonist's power.

4. The protagonist Madonna

It’s not easy to say, there is a Virgin and there is a virgin whore. But in general, the main thing is that the readers don't want the protagonist's interests to be damaged. After all, the enemy bullies the protagonist so badly, and the protagonist can let him go and forgive him, which is still uncomfortable.

5. The death of important people around the protagonist: relatives, brothers

Generally speaking, the protagonist is definitely immortal. Successful characters such as brothers and relatives are created around the protagonist. If they die, they will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction with the readers. But this was not the case in the early days. In the early online novels, an important figure often died, which embodies a kind of tragedy and is even more touching. For example, there were many people killed in Zhuxian, but now it is no longer possible.


6. Reverse the Three Views

Although many people say that the three views of online novels are not correct, in fact, in most online novels, the three views of the protagonist are quite positive. Although they may not be so great, bright, and correct, they are at least in line with the three views of most readers today. And the few novels that have incorrect views are usually not popular.

7. Hydrology

Hydrology is also a common phenomenon in online novels. For example, I wrote an article before and counted the current word count of five online novels. The total word count of these five novels has exceeded 110 million. Hydrology is certain. Now that there are no more than two million words in online novels, I am really embarrassed to say that I have finished the book normally. (Male frequency). Of course, in the eyes of readers, good-looking, interesting, and a sense of expectation are dry goods. On the contrary, it is hydrology, not just the number of words.


8. Broken change

In the early online novels, interruption is a very common phenomenon. For some books that were very popular in those days, monthly and annual updates are commonly used. However, with the growth of online articles and the formation of the industry, authors and good readers have become accustomed to serialization. Once the author breaks the update, it will arouse dissatisfaction among the readers, and the popularity plummets after the break is longer. Of course, a few books are exceptions, such as the famous "Zui Son-in-law". The banana update is also famous in the industry. However, this book is of high quality and popularity. Even if it is frequently updated, it often appears in various lists, and it can still grab the monthly ticket list. This is a rare existence.

9, unfinished

The so-called unfinished is that the author has an ending for various reasons, but the ending is too hasty, and there are many holes in the previous article without filling in it, which is not in line with the normal development of the plot. Commonly known as unfinished, the industry's more famous god: the wandering toad, nicknamed unfinished clam by netizens. Of course I like to read the books of God Toad very much.

10. Eunuch

If the broken is longer, it is easy to be unfinished or eunuch. The eunuch is no more below, that is, the author is not updating, but the book is not finished yet, and there is no ending. If the green hat is the most disgusting plot point of the reader, then the eunuch is the author's behavior that the reader is most uncomfortable with. The eunuch hurts character. 

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