Common routines in fantasy novels

Every fantasy novel has a powerful protagonist. In order to promote the development of the plot, Internet writers often apply similar routines. Today, let’s take stock of the common routines in fantasy novels.


1. The enemy must leapfrog

Leapfrog fighting is a must-have routine in fantasy novels. The protagonist can leapfrog and sling the villain by virtue of his martial arts treasures, or retreat in front of the strong. In the novel, the protagonist will usually get a variety of hole cards when he encounters a chance. These hole cards support the protagonist's fighting power and powerful self-protection ability far exceeding the same level. In a fantasy novel, if the protagonist does not even have the ability to leapfrog, then he does not deserve to be called a fantasy novel.

2. Don't panic at the end of the predicament

The protagonist will never appear until the last moment. In many fantasy novels, when the relatives and friends around the protagonist are in danger, the hero can always arrive at the battlefield at the last moment, and then show his magical powers to kill everywhere. Finally, after the people were properly placed, they continued to go out to practice, leaving behind a legend.


3. Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger

This plot is almost versatile. Just like the protagonist had just entered the school, the brothers and sisters of the same school thought it was a small person in the countryside, but he didn't expect it to be a bad guy. He was looked down upon in the sect, and then held the sect competition, won the championship in one fell swoop, and was finally regarded as a disciple by the master of the sect. The face was successful.

4. If the road encounters unevenness, the expert guides the way

When the protagonist is upgrading from monsters, he will always encounter some weird people. These people have great strength, but they like to be beggars and crippled. In short, they seem to be ordinary and ordinary, and there is no trace of cultivation, and the protagonist When you encounter this kind of person, you will generally be respectful and polite or have a goodwill, and then be treated differently by the other person, and use various methods to guide the protagonist to practice or give opportunities.


5. Pick up mythical beasts casually

In the early stage of a fantasy novel, the male protagonist only needs to pick up an animal cub or a monster egg. In his childhood, he is either unsightly, or physically disabled, and is frantically laughed at by people around him. When he grows up, he starts to slap his face and change his body. Became the offspring of the beast. Worthy of being a man of destiny.

6. Amazing luck, claiming to be hard work

In fantasy novels, the protagonists can be said to have amazing luck. The jungler develops to pick up treasures at will, kill the dragon, search for a corpse, and find the treasure map. Occasionally visit an auction house, specialize in shooting what others are not optimistic about, and then prescribe a broken version of the peerless magic weapon or a shocking drug. Even if you have amazing luck, you have to blow a wave of hard work when facing the villain. It can be said to be shameless.


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