The most scheming male protagonist in the novel, the last one calculates everything and kills people like hemp!

In online novels, every protagonist has his own personality, some are domineering, some are weak, some are deep-minded, and some are naive. After all, the protagonist described by each author is different!

Personally, what I don't like the most is the kind of male protagonist who is as stupid as a fool, but is a martial arts genius. I don't really like that kind of protagonist, who obviously has no IQ, but was written by the author. Deliberately writing a supporting role as a brain-dead, used to set off the author's ingenuity novels, it feels like an insult to the reader's IQ! But this kind of novel is still very popular with readers. A certain platinum god, almost all of his supporting roles are brain-dead, and the people around the protagonist are clever to death!

If you really want to be more resourceful and scheming, you must have a writing style to control it. Otherwise, it is really a joke that will only make the reader embarrassed to read it! I personally think that in terms of scheming, the best fairy tale novel written should be Han Li in "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality"!

Let’s talk about the most scheming male protagonist in the novel that I have seen...


1. "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality" ~ Han Li

Han Li, as the protagonist in "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality", he was only a mortal at first, and he didn't have too much scheming. Just imagine, a kid who came out of the mountains and the wild, how can there be so many Flowery intestines!


However, he has become more and more cautious on the road to cultivation, and his scheming is getting deeper and deeper. His transformation is a little bit up. Unlike other garbage novels, the protagonist's personality has undergone earth-shaking changes all at once. , There is no sign at all!


Precisely because he is just a mortal, without a strong background, and no resources to rely on, so he can only rely on his own wisdom to obtain all this. Later, Han Li's scheming was deeply admirable. Many ancestors were beyond the reach, otherwise how could he be called "Old Demon Han"?


Moreover, he was very cautious, smelling a little dangerous aura, and ran right away, so it is very difficult for such a protagonist to succeed. He can ascend successfully, which makes people take it for granted. Unlike other protagonists, he has no strength and is still dressed up every day. Force, but I can't die, it feels like a fantasy!


2. "Renegade Immortal" ~ Wang Lin

Wang Lin, the actor of "Renegade Immortal", in fact, Wang Lin and Han Li are similar in some respects. It is because they have witnessed the cruelty of the realm of cultivation that they have slowly changed their mood!


From when his fourth uncle stepped into the realm of comprehension, until his family was destroyed, Wang Lin was still just an ordinary kid during this period, but after his parents were killed, he gradually became a different person, becoming cautious and becoming more cautious. Begin to calculate people's hearts, so Wang Lin's success also makes people feel right!


But in terms of escape ability, Wang Lin is still inferior to Han Li. Between the two people, in this respect, there is simply qualitative.


3. "Reverend Insanity" ~ Gu Yue Fang Yuan


Gu Yue Fangyuan, the reincarnated demon, the most wise person in "Reverend Insanity", calculates everything and kills people like hemp!


"Reverend Insanity" is a fairy-xia novel. I still like it very much. I don’t feel that the three views are not correct as netizens say. The thoughts in "Gu Reality" are actually bloody reality, and they are all in human nature. The darkest part! The most exciting part of this book is the calculation of the human mind in the book. It is intriguing and written very deeply. It is really admirable for people to read!


From the moment Gu Yue Fang Yuan was reborn, he began to calculate everything. When he was in the family, he calculated the family and wanted to obtain resources. In the end, the entire family was counted into, causing the family to fall and become enemies with his younger brother!

Outside, he also calculates everything, grabs resources, and is good at disguising. Sometimes, in the eyes of readers, some murders are like numbness, but in fact, they are all to save their lives. After all, this is the world of cultivation. Either you die or I die...


It is also because this book is portrayed very dark that it makes people feel that it is indeed not easy for Gu Yue Fangyuan to grow up all the way. In this world, there is a kind of footless bird that can only land once in a lifetime. The moment he died! Gu Yue Fang Yuan, this kind of bird...

1. "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality"

2. "Renegade Immortal"

3. "Reverend Insanity"

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