The ten most common routines for character setting in fantasy novels

Tucao about online texts is estimated to be that online texts are more than just complaints. The most powerful thing to be complained about at first is the novels of Mary Su. The heroine's settings can be dazzling, colorful hair, various abilities, and the richest man. Allure mother, and there will be no brothers or sisters, classmates are very good in the industry, super good figure, no matter how young, can make a man fascinated.

Due to the long period of time in the fantasy novel industry, there are several popular novels that have brought a lot of set trends. Let's take a look.

1. Divorce flow

Those who have seen Dou Po must know it, and the success of Dou Po has led to this genre. After Dou Po, many novels have appeared in divorce trends. In fact, the earliest divorce stream appeared in the rebirth of ancient female novels. It’s just that no one has the influence of Doupa

Second, the waste stream

This genre was also carried forward very early. The protagonist was a trash at first and was reborn or violent by the traversal. People who once looked down on the protagonist were divided into faces. It has to be said that this kind of dick attacking the wealthy and handsome is something that people still like to watch.


Third, the flow of mortals

This should actually be a setting in Xiuxian novels, because in fantasy, the requirements for roots and bones are not as serious as those for roots and bones, but Xiuxian has hard and fast rules for roots and bones, so the flow of mortals appears for a long time in Xiuxian.

Fourth, the base friend is a fat stream

I remember starting from the evil monarch of another world, the male protagonist’s original good friend is often a fat man, and this fat man is also extremely righteous, the world’s good friend series

Five, leapfrog flow

In fact, this novel will appear in any country, the protagonist leapfrogs the villain

Six, sister is not a natural stream

This is definitely a trend brought by the Tudou brothers. My sisters are not real sisters, and then they can often stage a pseudo orthopedic stream.

7. Not so beautiful but with distinctive eyes

In fantasy novels, the protagonist is always unsightly, but there will always be a pair of distinctive eyes, and then the girl who has seen these eyes will always have a good impression of the protagonist


Eight, never meet a good brother

If the protagonist adds a buff to the girl’s own charm, then for men, especially fellow men, their charm is inherently ridiculous. Few protagonists can have a good relationship with fellow mentors.

9. Demolition flow

In fantasy novels, the protagonist must go to dig the grave when he obtains treasures. A group of people wait for the home or grave of a senior to open, and then a group of people snatch the treasure inside. Anyway, the protagonist and their place are like locusts crossing the border.

10. Cannon fodder meets the protagonist's IQ is negative

The poor cannon fodder always pretended to be forced in the early stages of the fight, and was later beaten in the face by the protagonist.

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