This character in "Lord of the Mysteries" is mysterious but doomed to tragedy!

Alger initially joined the Tarot Society because a strange glass bottle entered the gray fog. At that time he found a ghost ship from the Tudor era with a captain on board. But Alger deliberately threw him into the sea without telling others, saying that the captain had escaped. There is no one on this ship, but it can be driven by no one.

After that, he returned to the land. According to his merits, he could return to the kingdom and become the captain of the penalty squad or a decent bishop, but he chose to be the "Blue Avenger" (the ghost ship before). ) The captain, hunt down the listeners of the Aurora Club.

Then came to the "Generous City", the capital of the Rhodes Islands. Alger still works part-time as a pirate at sea? What has Alger been looking for in the sea?

At the beginning of the novel, Alger appeared with the intellectual responsibility and strength responsibility of the Tarot Society. It's just that the mad brain supplement produced fear and admiration of the "fools", and his inner activities earned him the nickname of "depressing political commissar".

Although this is a popular character, I might say sorry to these people, because at least in my opinion Alger is a character destined to be tragic because he was drawn the "hanging man card."


What is the interpretation of the Hanged Man card? Uprightness is commitment and sacrifice, while rebellion is betrayal and depravity. To be honest, both positive and negative positions are not good cards.

Draw this card, he is like setting a flag: if the right position is achieved, he will sacrifice for the Tarot Society or the Storm Church because of the responsibility, but because Alger lacks a sense of belonging to the church and the Tarot Society at the same time. On the one hand, he could only be betrayed and depraved.

Fortunately, the betrayal of the church, as the representative of the conservatives, the Lord of the Storm has already laid the groundwork for returning to the dust of history, and he will as a traitor ascend the throne and even the throne of God.

If it is to betray the "Fool", then no matter what the outcome of "Stop Counseling", he will definitely die.

Alger is almost equivalent to the opposite of Audrey. Growing up from adversity, the poor mixed-blood fisherman has gradually reached Sequence Five by seizing every opportunity and imagining all the forces he has encountered.

When he uses subconscious little tricks on the fool, his ending is likely to be doomed

Is he really responsible for wisdom? That is just low-level political wisdom accumulated in official organizations, at least it is worthless to Ke counsel.

Is he really loyal to the Fool? I can't talk about it at all. Although he once said ‘only believe in the fool,’ the fool is only one of his tools to accomplish his goals or ideals. He temporarily feared and admired the "Fool" because of his crazy brain supplement.

He has tried many times to test the fool, which is not an act that a devout can do, or even a blasphemous act.


If Xiaoke is also a true god, then of course he doesn't care that his little brother has a little selfishness, but Xiaoke has a guilty conscience! In the earliest days, Xiaoke's Sequence Eight and Alger's Sequence Seven were really a dare to pretend to be a believer.

Under normal circumstances, Ke perceives Alger's repeated temptations, Xiao Ke will feel fear, and the extreme fear is anger. Under normal circumstances, he will choose to hack this uneasy well-intentioned guy as soon as possible. It was also possible that because of Xiao Kecai's feet picking, Alger didn't notice Alger's careful thoughts at all.

I think that if Ke counsel discovers the temptation to fall the political commissar but does not kill him, maybe Xiao Ke wants to use the resources of the political commissar more. Responsibilities.

Alger had caught the line of the elves again, and there was one more object to betray or to bear, which seemed to bring a turn for the poor man. Perhaps in the end the storm was attributed to the elves, and the re-emergence of the elves under the leadership of the fallen political commissar was also a good ending for this poor man.

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