As a fairy-xia novel, why Xiao Ding's "Zhu Xian" is so popular, I have summarized five points

Xiao Ding’s novel "Zhu Xian" tells the story of Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, two poor children from the Caomiao Village of Qingyun Mountain. Because their parents and villagers were killed, they entered the world's first righteous way by chance-Qingyunmen, and lived with them. There is no dispute for a stable day of practice. However, as he grew up and went down the mountain to experience, the stupid Zhang Xiaofan repeatedly encountered the clever and clever demon Baguio, the demon ghost Wangzong. From this time on, the connection of the righteous way is often suspected and criticized. Later, on Qingyun Mountain, there was a battle between the two factions of Righteous and Demons. The head of Qingyunmen Daoxuan Daoxuan sacrificed the supreme magic formation "Zhu Xian Sword Formation" and struck Zhang Xiaofan with a sword. In order to save Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio used his body to block the sword for him. Jade perish.

After the First Battle of Qingyun, Zhang Xiaofan was discouraged, unfeeling, and fell into the magic way, and became a murderous "Blood Boy" with diligence. From then on, he parted ways with his good brother Lin Jingyu, who has been advancing on the right path. However, there is still a deep feeling and dedication hidden deep in her heart. It is not only the dedication to Baguio. In order to resurrect her, she is looking for the secret recipe and lost her soul. It is also the reluctance to give up the feelings of the elders and friends in the past. There is also hatred and blood on the surface. Covering up with killings, but still remaining deep in my heart, the love for the people of the world. In the end, in order to save the world during another battle between the righteous and demons, he sacrificed the sword of punishing the immortal like the real Dao Xuan, and slashed demons and demons with one sword, bringing long-lost light and peace to the world.

In modern society, it is the hot era in which online cultivation fairy tale novels emerge endlessly. In order to cater to the tastes of modern people, the novels follow the common writing style: for example, the male protagonist was born in poverty, accidentally obtained the supreme treasure or secret recipe, and became others for several years. The law against the heavens, which has been impossible to learn for decades, has moved across the world since then, surrounded by beautiful women, and will be glorious for the rest of my life...

As a novel of the originator of the Xianxia series, "Zhu Xian" has a similar plot, but it has been in the forefront of similar novels on Douban and has maintained its popularity since its publication. As a Zhu Xian fan, let me talk about the "Zhu Xian" novel in my own eyes, and what is so good about it.


1. Based on Xianxia, but the content and meaning are true and not exaggerated

The content of "Zhuxian" is written around the practice of immortality, such as the "Qingyunmen", "Tianyin Temple" and "Fenxiang Valley" of the sects in the world; ", "Changshengtang", and "Acacia Sect", they respectively master their own unique Taoism and mystery of the earth-shattering ghosts and spirits, like the flying sword of the Qingyunmen, and then like the supreme Taoist "God Sword Yu Lei Zhen" "Secrets", the sword leads the sky and thunder, shakes the sky and moves the earth, beyond the reach of human beings; the cultivators also master the secret of longevity, and they tend to live dozens or even hundreds of years longer than ordinary mortals. This is it. The world of self-cultivation that is out of the human world.

However, after careful reading, it is essentially the most common life experience and emotional changes between people.

For example, when introducing the origin of Qingyunmen, it was mentioned that Qingyunzi, the founder of the school, was originally a master of the world. Because of coincidence, he came to Qingyun Mountain to obtain ancient scrolls, and then he opened the school after learning spells; the descendants of Taoist Qingba were originally talented and intelligent The scholars who have failed many attempts have made great achievements in practice. And the first disciples and disciples later, including people from other sects, all came from the so-called mortals, and they had to eat whole grains and work and sleep like ordinary people.

The world of "Zhu Xian" is no different from the world. Righteous and evil are fighting and killing each other. It is full of intrigue, love and hatred. The essence is the sect struggle in the living martial arts novels. As the protagonist, Zhang Xiaofan and everyone around him Personally, the novel does not spend much on their adventures on the road of cultivation of immortals. Instead, the focus is on describing the emotions between people and the changes in the characters before and after, just like our daily life, but only for people’s lives. This "old wine" has been replaced by Xianxia's "new bottle", which gives people a sense of freshness, but it is true and appropriate.


2. Both the classical rigor of traditional literature and the popularity of modern language

As a product sandwiched between traditional literature and modern literature, "Zhu Xian" not only has the characteristics of modern fairy-xia novels that the language content is easy to understand, but also has the rigorous literary and artistic techniques of classical martial arts.

Traditional novels, such as Jin Yong Gulong’s martial arts novels, generally use classical techniques commonly used in "old novels". For example, there is often a long introduction or background introduction before the formal introduction of characters and stories. The characters are introduced in combination with the background environment and appear to be characters. It is more three-dimensional; at the same time, traditional cultural expressions such as poems, songs, playing and singing are used to narrate, so that the text always reads with a mellow aroma of old wine that has been collected for many years, which is endlessly memorable.

"Zhu Xian" also appropriately adopted this traditional writing technique, but it did not inherit it blindly. For modern people, classical literature is more obscure and difficult to understand, and "Zhu Xian" uses modern and easy-to-understand language on the basis of this tradition, which not only conforms to modern people's tendency towards popularization, but also retains traditional literature. The classical beauty in Chinese, combined with the two, makes people feel like a surprise.

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3. Ingenious theme: The coat of "Xiu Xian" and the theme of "Zhu Xian" are opposed to each other, forming an irony

The theme of "Zhu Xian" is probably the most intriguing of this novel.

As a fairy-xia novel, "Zhu Xian" is about Zhang Xiaofan and others' path to cultivate immortality. "Xian" itself represents purity, justice, compassion, and the power of Taoism. It is an object that people always admire in their hearts and every The final form that a cultivator or monster wants to achieve.

However, the theme of the novel is "Zhuxian", "Zhuxian" who kills all gods, why should the "Xian", who is the representative of justice and mercy, be killed here? In fact, this has a close relationship with the content of the novel. Under the cloak of Xianxia, "Zhu Xian" writes more about the understanding of right and evil, good and evil.

The so-called justice is not necessarily true justice and kindness. Many people claim to be decent and upright gentlemen, uphold the blade of justice in the world, and eradicate injustices in the world. In fact, what they do is always mixed with the ignorance of human nature. , Greed, and selfishness. On the outside, they are righteous, but on the inside, they are no different from demons.

There are many descriptions of this in the novel "Zhu Xian". For example, the representative of decency-Pu Zhi, one of the four great monks of Tianyin Temple, was attacked by his own private thoughts and killed the whole under the influence of the blood-devouring bead. The people in the village caused Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu to become orphans; during the First War of Zheng Mo, the head of the Qingyun Gate taught Daoxuan Zhenren to avoid that his disciple Zhang Xiaofan might fall into the magic way in the future, and Xiaofan is still a righteous person at this moment. Shi slashed at him with a sword to avoid future troubles, and eventually killed Baguio who had flew to rescue. These two things made Zhang Xiaofan, who was originally obsessed with the right way, hated the hypocritical decency, and joined the demon sect to fight against the decency, which is a manifestation of the transformation from "cultivating immortals" to "punishing immortals".

Similarly, the first Cangsong of the Qingyunmen as a representative of decent sect is actually the undercover of the demon sect, and the first in charge of Fenxiang Valley Yun Yilan and the second in charge of Shangguance also collude with demons, and even the treasure of the town of Qingyunmen. The "Zhuxian Sword" is essentially an evil sword that can only exert its power by sucking human blood...

It is in this confrontation and blending between justice and evil that the "xiuxian" and "zhuxian" are clearly opposed step by step, which is extremely ironic.


4. The growth of the characters is real and painful, hitting the hearts of readers

As the actor, Zhang Xiaofan, although he finally reached the peak of the world of immortality, every time he grows is very difficult and painful. It can be said that the faster the growth, the deeper the pain.

They were able to embark on the road of cultivating immortality after the loss of their loved ones. Zhang Xiaofan and his friend Lin Jingyu were two ordinary children in Xia Caomiao Village of Qingyun Mountain. They were brought with them only because the whole village was slaughtered and cleaned and attracted the attention of Qingyunmen. Returned to Qingyun for resettlement, and joined Qingyunmen. If there was no such murder, perhaps they would be ordinary rural people like their parents for the rest of their lives.

Instinctively stupid, he forcibly resisted advancing in contempt to compare with his own partner, Zhang Xiaofan was actually a stupid child, not as smart as Lin Jingyu. Even if he was lucky enough to enter the Blue Cloud Gate, he was despised by the head teacher. No one wanted to accept him and teach him Taoism. In the end, he was pushed by the head teacher Daoxuan to his junior disciple Tian Buyi. He was still disliked by the master in various ways.

Living in such a torment all day makes Zhang Xiaofan feel embarrassed and humble into the dust. Later, the blood-devouring beads and the dementing wands on her body were combined with his blood to form a dementing wand, which became his unique magic weapon. At the same time, she was adored with the heavenly sound technique "Brahma Prajna" and practiced for a long time. Qingyun cultivation method, life began to have a qualitative change, but this change took him decades of time.

The pain of losing beloved love, abandoning justice and sinking into the magic way, and then from innocence to maturity. Without the first battle of righteous demon on Qingyun Mountain, without the sword that Dao Xuan cut down from the sky, perhaps Zhang Xiaofan is still a simple, kind, unwilling person. A cute boy with the magic sect. But that's only if.

Daoxuan's sword smashed Baguio to death, and also wiped out Xiao Fan's dedication to decency and justice. He still clearly remembered his first encounter with Baguio, and he stubbornly refused to associate with her as a righteous person, and then always met in unexpected encounters, walking from strange to familiar, until she died in front of her. At that moment, I realized how deeply I love her. However, everything has become illusory.

It was also from this moment that all his spiritual support collapsed. All the suffering and exhaustion he had suffered over the years did not make him give up his naive belief in justice, but the loss of Baguio allowed him to see this thoroughly. The world has grown up.


5. Deeply dig into the emotional changes of the characters, and the discussion of good and evil, good and evil, deep and connotative

In terms of the content of the story, "Zhu Xian" did not focus on the rapid development of the story like modern Xianxia novels in order to bring immediate pleasure to the readers, but upholds the traditional martial arts narrative style, focusing on the character's image, inner emotions, and ideological values. The detailed description is profound and connotative.

There are many intertwined feelings in the novel, and they are constantly changing with life. For example, the friendship between Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan, from the initial sincere trust, to the rupture between righteousness and evil. For example, Zhang Xiaofan’s first secret love for Tian Linger became angry and uncontrollable after knowing that her senior sister liked Qi Hao. I don’t want to hurt my sister’s heart and put myself in tangled pain from time to time; and Zhang Xiaofan’s feelings with Zeng Shushu and Da Zhufeng’s elder brothers before and after falling into the magic way have changed from intimacy to life, but they are disconnected, and finally return to sincerity. It can be described as complex and changeable.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, the novel is about decent and demon sects fighting and killing each other, but can justice and evil in the world really be divided simply by sects? This question is not just us thinking, as the protagonist Zhang Xiaofan is also thinking, and in order to figure out the answer to this question, he does not hesitate to walk on the edge of right and evil, and find the final result by feeling light and darkness, happiness and pain. . And this process of searching for results is actually the ideological theme conveyed by the novel itself. This is the fundamental reason why the novel is different from other novels in connotation.

As far as the novel is concerned, it has many unique advantages and some shortcomings, which are inevitable. However, as a fairy-xia novel that combines traditional culture and modern culture, "Zhu Xian" is undoubtedly a success. of. It not only brings us sensory stimulation, but also brings us spiritual refinement and spiritual sublimation. This is the unique charm of a good novel.

The above is my summary, if you also like this book, please click Zhu Xian to read the full text