The four big families that often appear in online novels

1. The most miserable family ~ Wang family

The Wang family is the most common family in online novels. Almost every powerful family will involve the Wang family, but the reputation or reputation of this family is not very good. The most typical of them is the Wang family in Chendong's "Zhetian". It is simply a sad reminder to come home and be beaten by Ye Fan!

The young master of the Wang family, Wang Teng, was a great emperor. Among his peers, he was absolutely outstanding. He was extremely talented and could have been called an emperor. But how did he provoke Ye Fan, and even wanted to marry Ziyue as his wife, and then he was rubbed vigorously on the ground by Ye Fan! How can it be a tragic word?


2. The strongest family ~ Ye family

The surname Ye is a surname that many online writers like to use, and most of them are the surnames of the protagonists, so this family is destined to be decent and relatively strong! In Fiberhome’s "The Best Young Master", the Ye family is the madest family. Ye Wudao’s father, Ye Hetu, is his legend. He has the power to claim the king, but he doesn’t bother to claim it. Ye Jiaye is the only one. River map! And as the hero of the book, Ye Wudao, he is naturally strong and boundless...

In addition, in Chendong's "Zhangtian", the male protagonist Ye Fan is enough to represent everything, and one person can support the entire family. The Ye family is strong, by no means ordinary!


3. Black-bellied family ~ Rongjia

The Rong family is definitely the most black-bellied family in online novels, not one of them! Many romance writers have a soft spot for the surname Rong, such as Rong Jing in "The Concubine", Rong Zhi in "The Phoenix Prisoner", Rong Chu in "Feng Qing Tian Lan", and "The Lord Is So Enchanting" Rong Yi and so on, almost as long as it is a surname Rong, every single one who has a black belly and commits evil, will play the opponent to death!

Among these male protagonists, the most typical ones are Rong Zhi and Rong Jing, subverting the world, just to gain the heart of a woman...


4. The most attractive family ~ Pei's family

The main reason why the Pei family is called the most attractive and feminine is because of the flames. In many of his novels, women with the surname Pei are written, and they are all married women! Pei Luoshen in "Lao Tzu Is a Toad" has a family and a husband, but fell in love with the male protagonist, and had a relationship, and then divorced her husband and chose the male protagonist; Pei Nanwei in "Snow In The Snow" , Is also a man with a husband-in-law, the husband Jingan Wang, but because of being taken as a husband by the husband, he was brokenhearted, and Xu Fengnian was together!

"Xu Fengnian is not really invincible, there is still Pei Nanwei in the world", the woman of the Pei family is indeed the most feminine, can make Xu Fengnian stand on the wall, and can make Fenghuo obsessed with this...


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