Recommend a few current mainstream fantasy novels to everyone

Hello, dear book fans, I am very happy to meet you again.  I will share good-looking and interesting novels with you every day. I hope everyone likes it. Today I want Recommend a few super beautiful fantasy novels to everyone, I hope you don’t miss it

1《Martial God Asura》Author:Kindhearted Bee


Wonderful content: While holding broadswords and rubbing against their pants, these big guys walked quickly towards Chu Feng, as if they didn't intend to leave alive. As for this group of people, Chu Feng didn't pay attention to it at all. Except for the big-faced beard, a martial artist of the Ninth Level of Lingwu, the others were even weaker. Just because this group of people wanted to rob Chu Feng and kill others, it was simply seeking their own way of death. Behind him, the dust was flying, and dozens of fast horses could be seen faintly galloping. The horses are all good horses, and almost every horse is no worse than the sweaty BMW under Chu Feng’s crotch. People are even more extraordinary. Not only are they well dressed, but they are also good at cultivation level.  Even Chu Feng can vaguely feel the breath of a master of the basalt realm among this group of people. Although it is the first level of Xuanwu, it is indeed Xuanwu realm.

2《The Human Emperor》Author:Huangfu Qi


Wonderful content: The female assassin's heart feels cold. Her goal this time is Wang Chong. Whether it is to kill him or let him build a sword for herself, she must never let him escape. Bang, holding back the pain in the body, the female assassin stepped on her foot and hurriedly chased after her. Outside the window, the moonlight was bright, and I saw a figure that was as agile as a dragonfly, clinging to the ground, rushing in the direction of the Wang Family Mansion Library. The female assassin's face was cold, and she chased after her without thinking about it. However, it was only a few feet away, booming, and the black light flashed, a huge thick iron arrow wrapped in a powerful force, and went straight to the front door of the female assassin at the speed of thunder. "Boom!" In the flash of lightning, the female assassin had time to break the sword and stayed in front of her. Then she was hit by the huge thick iron arrow and flew out sideways.

3《Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts》Author:Ordinary Magician


Wonderful content: Long Chen was taken aback. This is a cub of Warcraft. He had seen it on the Warcraft Illustrated Book, so he was shocked. The Red Flame Snow Wolf is as white as snow, except for the flame-like red hair growing on the center of his eyebrows, which is very easy to recognize. However, most of the blood of the Chiyan Snow Wolf is not so pure, and the hair on its body is dim, and even a little patchy. But the snow wolf cub in front of him did not have a single hair under his body, which showed that this was an extremely rare pure-blooded red flame snow wolf. Usually the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf grows to adulthood and is a Tier 3 monster, but it is said that the pure-blooded Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf can grow to Tier 4, which surpasses the existence of a strong tendon.

4《Dragon-Marked War God》Author:Su Yue Xi


Wonderful content: As Murong Hao said, he suddenly fisted towards Jiang Chen. He knew that the quarrel of tongues must be his opponent. Bom! With this punch, Murong Hao slapped the air, and his fist flickered. This was Murong's tyrant fist. It was a human-level high-grade combat skill and had a very strong offensive power. "Too weak." Jiang Chen shook his head, not moving. When Murong Hao's fist was approaching, he punched out like lightning. Snapped! The fists of Jiang Chen and Murong Hao collided, making a crisp sound, and a shocking scene happened. Click! what! Accompanied by a scream and the sound of broken bones, a figure flew out directly. Naturally, it was not Jiang Chen that flew out, but Murong Hao, who was confident and inflated. At this moment, Murong Hao fell three feet away. His legs trembled, and he barely stabilized his body without falling to the ground. Everyone's eyes fell on Murong Hao, and there was an uproar. Murong Hao's body was trembling, and the arm that used to punch before was completely distorted. Jiang Chen's punch was crushed to pieces, and this arm was considered complete. Scrapped.

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