In the science fiction novel "Three-Body", no matter how the three-body person is described, it is a splicing of other things.

When pandas start to read books, they will be curious about what the Trisolarans look like. The stories that follow are getting more and more exciting and they don’t even remember this. All kinds of pushes and pushes are all pushed from the earth creatures, and humans have always lacked the creation of alien life. Imagination, if written, may be overshadowed by it. It is indeed better not to write, and it will inevitably fall into stereotypes, because people can't imagine things they haven't seen before. No matter how you describe it, it is a splicing of other things. Simply leave it to the reader to imagine.

And the specific appearance of the trisomy is not that important. From the fact that Yun Tianming can row a large area on the spacecraft as a farm, I know that the trimaran spacecraft is also very huge. If the Trisolaran was only as big as a worm, obviously it would not be possible to use a spaceship of this size. Even if the size of the insect is large, it feels impossible to form a higher civilization, so I think that even if the trisomy is not as big as a human, at least the size of a cat and dog is reasonable. Intelligence is directly proportional to brain capacity. If it is really like a bug, at most it is the social physique of the settlement engraved in the genes, similar to an ant. But this is obviously not possible.

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The human flesh computer is the plot in the game, and what is inside is not the npc, but the player itself, which is the human flesh computer proposed by the people on earth. I've always thought that the Trisolaran is a computer civilization. Transparency in thinking, binary evolution with the body, and algorithm programs, etc., and dehydration, the way of reproduction feels like a computer civilization. The three-body man’s science and technology tree and the direction of physics are connected to the earth, and only then has it been able to guide the earth and let the earth develop rapidly.

That game still had some plots about the situation of trisolaran people fighting against natural disasters, that is, dehydration, then rolled up and put away. From this point of view, the volume will not be too small, and the ants will not be able to curl up if they are dehydrated. The tissue is brittle without toughness and dehydration. Then from the size of the planet, it seems that there is a description that the Trisolaris is not much worse than the Earth. If the size of the Trisolaran is too small, it would be too exaggerated to occupy the number of planets. From a literary point of view, only when the Trisolaran people are big enough, and then they engage in human flesh computers, the readers' brains will be shocked.

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At least I read it this way. Then the Trisolaran has at least human-like hands, otherwise it won't be able to complete this movement, and complicated things won't be possible. The most important detail is that the Trisolaran people admired the rich culture and art of the earth for a period of time. I don't think that two races with too large individual differences can appreciate each other's spiritual wealth. I understand the hints of ants and other insects. First, there may be details. The second is that society is shaped like ants, and human lives are worthless like insects in the face of natural disasters. Or the ruled class has no brain to execute orders and multiply like insects because of social morphology.

In the section of Qin Shihuang’s column computer, the overall literacy rate of the Trisolaran was very low. Calculus was just discovered. At that time, the level of science and technology of the Trisolaran was probably similar to that of literature and art on the earth in the 16th to 18th centuries, but it could mobilize the trisolaran. Tens of thousands of troops are doing this, including other troops stationed across the country, military logistics support personnel, and ordinary people. The population of the entire country is quite astonishing. So I think the size of the trisomy should be very small, otherwise it will not be able to support it. many


In this way, there is a paragraph that implies that the trisomy is small, that is, the eyes with many geometric patterns appearing when the two-dimensional expansion of the proton fails, and then these eyes are combined to form a convex lens to focus the sun to eliminate the trisomy. This Does the scene look like we burned ants with a magnifying glass? It means that the buildings of the Trisolaran are very small. There is also the saying that thinking outside is very similar to ants!

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