Facing "interstellar immigration", what choice would you make? The answer is in this novel

Recently, Qi Peijia, the author of "The Legendary Mechanic", which has just completed more than 5.16 million words, has started the creation of the new sci-fi infinite flow "Astral Apostle". The book has been opened for 24 hours and has a collection of nearly 50,000. It ranks among the reading platform games. The category recommendation list is the first, the reward list is the first, and the best-selling list is the first. On October 26, Qi Peijia was interviewed by a cover news reporter, telling the story of the creation of the new book.


The book "Astral Apostle" mainly tells that in the interstellar age, people's territory has been expanded to the entire space, and to open up the planet to extract immigrants, the male protagonist Zhou Jing was abandoned because he did not contribute to the family. However, Zhou Jing, who fell into despair, accidentally gained the ability to shuttle between the stars. He created the "Astral Apostle" as a carrier to carry his own soul and walk in the multiverse in a kaleidoscopic attitude. Every time he creates an avatar, it is like a new life, thus opening up Took a special journey.

To put it briefly in the words of Qi Peijia, this is "the interstellar age, where people discover the existence of multiple universes and travel through the world for adventure, while the protagonist walks through the multiple universes with ever-changing attitudes and starts a special journey in this age."


Qi Peijia bluntly said that "Astral Apostle" is not just a science fiction interstellar novel. He laid a grand multi-universe background at the beginning of the story, and at the same time used the writing method of "infinite flow" to create a strong sense of game. The element combination of "Science Fiction + Interstellar + Infinite Stream" brings readers a fresh reading experience.


Different from the previous heroes of "The Legendary Mechanic", "Han Xiao is an interest-oriented personality. He only has goals in his eyes. In the process of achieving the goals, it will cause some positive influences. This time the protagonist Zhou Jing's Goldfinger and the growth environment are different from Han Xiao. Although he is also good at profit and planning, he is not too indifferent and domineering in comparison, and pays more attention to the relationship between people."


"The Legendary Mechanic"It is the masterpiece of Qi Peijia's book titled God. With its unique imaginative innovation, grand and complete world structure, and rich and comprehensive content, it occupies the first place in the major game categories in 2017 and the first in the monthly ticket list of the game category in the original literature list. , Was selected as the work of the 2020 China Online Literature Influence List, and won the two awards of "Annual Worth Adaptation Game Work" and "Super Game Adaptation Value Work" at the Reading IP Ceremony in 2018 and 2019. Selected articles • Searchlight Book Critics' Best Books List January 2021 Top Ten Genre Novels.


The success of the book is inseparable from Qi Peijia's writing habits. He told reporters that he would create a complete outline before writing, and write in accordance with the established direction during the operation. “The outline, detailed outline, and scrapped manuscripts created by "The Legendary Mechanic" add up to 1.45 million words, which is equivalent. One-third of the word count in the whole book.” The new book has gone through hard work. Qi Peijia revealed that the framework of "Astral Apostle" is more complicated, and the difficulty is far more than that of "Supernatural Mechanic". The price of ". He also hopes that he can "portrait the world of science fiction with all his strength."

He was asked what choice he would make if there was an opportunity for "interstellar immigration" in reality? Qi Peijia believes: "Immigration is a social problem that will inevitably arise in the interstellar age, because if a single-racial civilization undergoes interstellar expansion, then all the inhabitants of colonized planets are immigrants, and the issues involved will be more complicated. If the reality is really interstellar. I should be cautious about the opportunity of immigration, because interstellar immigration is not the same as intra-planetary immigration. We must examine the restrictions imposed by communication and transportation technology, whether we can still return to my hometown after interstellar immigration, and whether I can contact people in my hometown, etc. Of course, there are people who prefer to explore the unknown, or want to leave the past behind and start a new life. But no matter what choice they make or what new environment they enter, life must continue. At this moment you will never be able to Knowing where you will go in the future is one of the main thrusts of the new novel."

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