The status quo of fantasy novels, why the development of fantasy has always kept pace, just because of these

Internet fantasy novels have greatly transcended reality in terms of conformation. With their fantasy, absurdity, and weirdness, they have created a fascinating and mysterious fantasy world. This aesthetic feature meets the reader’s deep aesthetic psychology and produces an extraordinary world. The aesthetic effect, and this effect comes from its unique text virtuality.

Virtuality has become the innate advantage of the explosion of Internet fantasy novels

Fantasy novels have shown strong virtuality since their birth. This is closely related to the influence of Tolkien’s representative work "The Lord of the Rings", the originator of Western fantasy novels. Tolkien created a fictional SecondaryWorld in his works. He also designed his own unique language, living habits, customs and feelings for many non-human races. Later authors imitated his creative characteristics and directly inherited the style of Tolkien's virtual world, and carried forward on its foundation. Tides, ocean currents, and vegetation all form their own systems.


In the author's writing, the virtual world has a different logical system, thinking mode, and value concept from the real world, and has a very strict logic. Too many are related to its historical culture and have its historical background.

But we should also see that these value systems are based on the transformation and imitation of the values of the human world. The establishment of this unique world system allows works to be alienated from real life scenes, fully expands the author's subject consciousness imagination, establishes his own symbolic world picture, and completes the ideal construction of the individual. The virtuality of fantasy novels coincides with the virtuality of the Internet.

At this time, technology and literature have carried out a close and seamless cooperation. In creating the internal space of the text, fantasy novels have a unique inherent advantage. This advantage quickly gets rid of the reality of traditional novels and shows strong creativity. And openness.


The author can conceive peculiar plots in an unconstrained manner to satisfy the readers' rapid reading. This -. On the one hand, it creates the plot, the ingenuity and novelty of the conception of the fantasy novel, expands the expression space of the work, and enhances the readability of the novel. Paying less attention to the depth of textual thinking. Language tempering has formed the fast-food and consumerization of fantasy novels, which has led to a reality where there are currently fewer high-quality fantasy novels.

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