Why do many people think that "Swallowed Star" is the pinnacle of Tomato?

I don’t know how many people’s youth has run through the book "Swallowed Star", how many people know the author "I eat tomatoes" because of this book, and how many people start to dream of star wars after reading this book. ? I have to say that this book is indeed very good. He combines technology and cultivation genre to give readers a different experience.

It can be seen from this book that the author's imagination is quite rich and his worldview is very magnificent. The book is endless, all kinds of novel treasures, mysteries, mysteries, wonderful lives, etc., satisfy the reader's infinite imagination of the vast and endless starry sky in the universe, and the logic is fairly clear. The cultivation system in the book is still relatively new even now.


What makes me a little regretful is that there are too few emotional dramas, but this is also considered the advantage of this book, so that the author can use more energy to write the story of the universe adventure perfectly. The novel in the plot is much better.

The image of the protagonist Luo Feng in this book is really full. He has grown from an excellent young man with physical and mental health to a leader who shoulders the destiny of the earth. The transformation of his personality and cause and effect can be controlled. Unlike many traversing novels, the protagonist has received a good three-view education in reality.


Once you have passed through or have a bit of superpower, your personality will change drastically, killing you. It feels that the brainless and refreshing essays of other novels are just fun to read, not enough to support the protagonist's image. It makes people feel that once they have power, they don't restrain themselves. It can only be said that they are no different from beasts.

This novel is still worth reading, otherwise it won't be on the bestseller list for so long. But this novel is not very famous, I think it should be because of the following reasons.

The first is the reason for the book itself. The early earth chapter is indeed very worth seeing. If there is no atmosphere of cosmic crisis, the history of human struggle is really impressive. The latter part of the universe is too grand to arouse too much emotional resonance from readers, but it still finds it very novel and exciting.


Secondly, the novel "Coiling Dragon" written by Tomato is too famous. This book before devouring the starry sky. The subject matter is not the same as the subject matter of devouring the starry sky, and everyone is still under the influence of this novel.

Finally, this novel was first published in 2010. 2010 is the year of fantasy. The well-known works of this year include "Renegade Immortal", "Battle Through the Heavens" and "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality", which are all masterpieces in the online literature world. The theme of "Swallowed Star" is not pure fairy tale, and it is a bit different from the general environment at that time, so there is a reason why the light is covered up.


But no matter what, this novel is really worth reading.

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