The Sacred Ruins: The protagonist is too obvious

The novel ``The Sacred Ruins'' appeared because of the sky-covering and perfect world created by the author at the time. There were too many holes left. There was no way, so I had to use ``The Sacred Ruins''. Filled in, but the author said that Shengxu will not be related to the previous two works. Finally, the face will be slapped, because the existence of Shengxu is related to the sky and the perfect world from the beginning. I have to say that this is understandable A smile thing. The story recorded in the Holy Ruins is very exciting, and it is considered a brand new world, but it is not a complete world. Therefore, the creator of the world has left this world and seeks a more advanced method of creation, which can be better. To create another world out.


Chu Feng, the protagonist in ``The Sacred Ruins''’, was destined to be born extraordinary, because he had the protagonist’s aura and awakened his terrifying talent, and he became a heavenly master at the end of his cultivation, and his journey has not yet ended. Before that, he had offended countless people, especially the more terrible the family offended, the greater the offense. One of them was the Taiwu line, which was already at odds in the underworld, until the Yang Realm, it was even more incompatible. Family hatred, relatives, and friends were all killed by the Taiwu line. And Taiwu Tianzun can be said to be the most described horror existence, whether it is talent or strength, it seems to be strengthened to be able to compete with the Huang Tiandi.


However, it is such a terrifying existence, but it was beaten up in the recent chapters. This in itself is no longer shocking, but in fact, Taiwu Tianzun is not as simple as being beaten up, but is directly beaten to death and dissipated. Between heaven and earth, the Taoism is uprooted, and the Tao is also exploded. This is very shocking, and it feels incredible, because he described too much of Taiwu Tianzun, and then died suddenly, and the layout was not very careful.


This is similar to the previous one, Zhetian, and both have similar plots. Someone must have remembered the sentence "My son Wang Teng has the posture of becoming an emperor" at this time. It was Wang Teng's father who said it. Yes, and there are many descriptions of Wang Teng, and the setting of this person is also a wizard of heaven. It is a terrible thing to be able to become the emperor in the age of the end of the law, just when everyone thinks he is Ye Fan After the enemy.


He died suddenly, which surprised everyone, because Wang Teng's talent was extremely domineering, and the energy contained in it was quite terrifying. He was taken away by the crane when he was born. If it wasn't for Ye Fan's sake, he was the emperor. The probability is very high, because this talent is second only to the protagonist. But the setting of this world is like this, all the opponents of the protagonist are weakened, but the friends of the protagonist are infinitely strengthened.


This kind of setting is actually in line with the plot of many novels, but as an author, perhaps a more inverted description can be used, that is, the change in the setting, that is, the relationship between the protagonist and the villain, if you can If the strong is strong, it is quite good. After the protagonist is strengthened, the villain will not be weakened, maybe it will be more exciting!


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