The three strongest women in Chendong's novels, the emperor Ruthless is not the first, she is the most sad!

Chen Dong's novels are very beautiful, almost every one has become a classic. There are many elements of success, but the main ones are the characters portrayed by Chen Dong. The characters are very distinct and the impression is three-dimensional. So whenever we finish reading Chen Dong's novels, we remember the characters very clearly. For example, the Huangtian Emperor's arbitrariness for eternity, Ye Fan became the Red Dust Immortal, and now Chu Feng is like a ruffian, this is all shaped by Chen Dong. Of course, there are many amazing goddesses in Chen Dong's writings, but today I will discuss the three strongest women.


One, seven heavenly women

Qi Jue Tian Nu is a character in "The Tomb of the Gods" and the sixth empress. She has a self-cultivation and is proud of the world, and no one dares to fight with it. In order to control everything in the world, become the master of all souls, and become the ultimate strongest person, create the seven unique exercises with supernatural powers, transform into the seven bodies, merge into the dark, and wait for the completion of the merits, and the seven bodies will become the world. The most terrifying existence. The seven souls are Meng Keer, Tantai Xuan, Chu Yu, the little princess of Chu, Dragon Dance, and Li Ruolan, the war girl. The seventh soul is the combination of Nalan Ruoshui and Chu Yue, the princess of Chu. These seven women are all Tianjiao in "The Tomb of the Gods". They are not weaker than others in their lives. If the strength of these people is added up, they should not increase one-to-one. So I think the seven heavenly women are Chen. The most powerful person in Dong's writing.


Second, the ruthless emperor

The Ruthless Emperor is the best and most talented woman in Chendong's novels. Her strength finally became the Red Dust Immortal. Ye Fan or Wu Shi dare not say that her strength surpassed the Ruthless Emperor. In Chendong's description, the Ruthless Emperor gave a description of the mortal body, disregarded the past and the present, and created his own swallowing technique, so that various bloodlines and geniuses would not dare to compete with it. She dared to fight against the sky and the earth all her life, relying on her own strength to kill all the kings and be independent for nine days! Although she has amazing talents and the strength to overwhelm the Nine Heavens Gods, she is just a woman, with a weak point in her heart. The elder brother who once loved her fell on the road of cultivation and became the memory of her life. In the novel, the Ruthless Emperor left "not to become an immortal, but to wait for you to return in the red dust", what kind of talent and feelings this is, it is shocking!


Three, Yuxin

Yuxin is a female character in "The Tomb of the Gods", the most soulful woman in Chendong's writings, but also a character full of sadness. It was originally Chen Nan's beloved, the head of the three strange women, and the reincarnation of the ancient strongman king, but as such a strong man, he is kind, innocent and gentle, and has an innocent emotion. Originally, Yuxin and Chennan were a match made in heaven. They loved Chennan when Chennan was in despair. The two liked each other, but it seemed that God’s will made people. In an attack, Yuxin released her sealing power and died calmly. This death, It was a farewell emotionally, and there was not much emotional intersection between the two. After the King of King awakened, Yuxin, who was extremely powerful, carried the banner of the prehistoric state, wiped out the chaos, walked with Chennan in the starry sky, reminiscing about the past, and then sacrificed on the road to the sky. See". There is no doubt about the strength of the King of Humans, holding the banner of the prehistoric in "The Tomb of the Gods" and sweeping many opponents.

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